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The Chadwick Brothers and the murder of Lucy Clarke

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  • The Chadwick Brothers and the murder of Lucy Clarke

    Hello and thank for adding me.

    This is not exactly Jack the Ripper related but I wonder if anyone can help me with information regarding two brothers who were suspected of committing the murder of their aunt in 1888. Their names were William and Henry Chadwick. I've read all about the murder they were allegedly involved in, of their aunt Lucy. But I hear they were also arrested for another crime, that of robbery and wonder if anyone has any relevant info about their lives after the murder and their early lives, and indeed what happened to them after they were arrested for robbery in July 1888?

    Thanks you in advance.

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    Hi Danny,
    For a detailed account of the murder of Lucy Clark and her nephews Harry and Walter Chadwick I suggest you read Peter Stubley's book 1988, London Murders in the year of the Ripper. It's worth a read anyway and will tell you all you want to know,pub 2012.

    Miss Marple


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      Hi Danny and welcome.

      This may help :