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Long Island Serial Killer caught?

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  • Long Island Serial Killer caught?

    From Wikipedia:

    John Bittrolff
    John Bittrolff, a Suffolk county resident who was convicted of the murders of two prostitutes in 1993 and 1994, and is a suspect in the murder of a third woman from that time period, was named as a suspect in at least one of the LISK murders on September 12, 2017. Suffolk County prosecutor Robert Biancavilla released a statement noting that Bittrolf was likely responsible for the deaths of other women, and that there were similarities between the Gilgo Beach crime scenes and Bittrolff's known murders. Bittrolff was a carpenter who lived in Manorville, where the torsos of LISK victims Jessica Taylor and "Jane Doe No. 6" were recovered. The remains were discovered roughly three miles away from Bittrolff's home. He was also a hunter who seemed to enjoy killing and mutilating animals, and reportedly once "cut out the heart of a deer he had just shot and ate it raw in the woods". Neighbors also recalled him killing small animals when he was younger.[29][22] Another link between Bittrolff and the LISK case became apparent when it was revealed that the grown daughter of Rita Tangredi, one of Bittrolff's known victims, was reportedly "best friends" with Melissa Barthelemy, one of the Gilgo Beach victims. Barthelemy's mother also reported that Melissa "had a lot of calls to Manorville from her phone" at the time.[30][31]

    I think they've got the guy.
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