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  • Hello Casebook people

    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Peter and I'm a 52 year old dad from Melbourne Australia.
    I guess I first became interested in JTR back in the 70s as a kid, seeing the odd TV special or short article on the matter.
    I often browse old second hand book stores and stumbled across "JTR. The Final Solution" a few years ago...I can hear the sighs now!
    I've read a few other books since (and have more in the bookcase yet to be read) and came across this website early last year. So, although I was unable to post, I've enjoyed the ride, some of the discussions have been, let's say, most entertaining, and yes, very informative.
    When I build up enough courage to enter the fray I'll post some thoughts on the following -
    A6 Rebooted - nothing, I have no idea what this one is about...and at this stage it looks like there's way too many pages to read to get up to date on it.
    From Hell - I have a few thoughts, but nothing earth shattering.
    Move to Murder - it was through Casebook that I first heard of this mystery and was following it until it was closed. I therefore looked up other websites and books. I have a few (earth shattering) things to say on this matter...we can't let WWH and Herlock have all the fun!
    Other General JTR matters - I am not sold on any particular suspect and would just like to add my 2 cents here and there.
    Look forward to meeting you all somewhere in the site


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    Welcome Ven! From one Melbournite to another. Final Solution was my first book too, but back in the 70's (19 not 18 that is).
    aka drstrange


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      Welcome to the madhouse, Ven, from a fellow Antipodean living in Geelong. We look forward to seeing your earth shattering thoughts in the near future.


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        Welcome to the site. West Midlands England here.
        Them's the vagaries.


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          Looks like I've gotta add an avatar and a byline and all I can think of is an image of Brian Connelly and a line from Fox On the Run!


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            No SWEET fans here tonight?


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              Welcome, Ven. From UK (Warwickshire).
     JtR 3D Blog


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                Welcome Peter.

                Ex Melbournian who moved to some Australian mountain range over a quarter of a century ago.
                About one kilometer from the start of one of the Ash Wednesday Bushfires.Friend from Melb has that property now.

                If your "handle" means you can interpret double Dutch,feel right at home.

                Carna Hawks!


                My name is Dave. You cannot reach me through Debs email account


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                  Ven is just an old nickname... no dutch here... Hawks pffft.. old Roys supporter so have to follow the lions... gee i miss going to the footy every week!


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                    Say hello to Chris Fagan, Luke Hodge and Grant Birchall for me

                    Not to mention Lethal Leigh!
                    My name is Dave. You cannot reach me through Debs email account


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                      lol, all legends, birchall will be soon


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                        Welcome Ven. I look forward to seeing you on the Wallace thread.


                        "Crime is common. Logic is rare. Therefore it is upon the logic rather than upon the crime that you should dwell.”


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                          Welcome Ven.

                          "I don't wanna know your name."


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                            Hi Ven,
                            Welcome to the forums!


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                              Welcome aboard the boards.

                              Jeff, from Auckland. You'll find lots of very knowledgeable people here, and even stronger opinions. Don't take things personally if people disagree with you quite vehemently.

                              - Jeff