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Thanks for including me in the group

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  • Thanks for including me in the group

    Thank you to the Admins for adding me to the group. I am still finding my way around the site. What I have discovered has been fascinating. Thank you for including me in a group which is so knowledgeable and has provided insights into JTR I had never considered.

    I hope to be in London around this time next year and expect to visit the sites in Whitechapel.

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    Hi Enigma

    Welcome to the madhouse, sorry I mean Casebook.

    If of interest and the timing of your visit allows, may I thoroughly recommend a visit to the Whitechapel Society.

    The talks and the evenings are always interesting and friendly to go to.

    There's a few people on here who are members or otherwise associated with WS, including published authors (and at least one aspiring Ripper author, cough, cough).


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      Though high on Whitechapel, Casebook is the Pall Mall of websites. Rarely has Internet seen (and it has seen a lot, good grief!) such a huge archive of information, data, historical accuracy, and at the same time allow for so many years free expression, exchange of ideas (fabulously far-reaching as many may have been) and bringing together senior experts and young enthusiasts (I am in the weird position of being neither! -- woops).

      If the real world followed the smoothness of this haven, it would be an even better place. This being said, I still miss (1) Pierre's antics and (2) dearest SPE's angry, consecutive comebacks :P