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The Idles At Glastonbury 2019

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    Originally posted by Abby Normal View Post
    Cage the Elephant from Bowling Green Kentucky and they are awesome. seeing them live in august.

    just a sampling-they have a ton other great songs. very eclectic and unique band. love them.
    Thanks Abby, really, really good.
    they remind me of some band, but I can't quite nail who it is.

    It's always good to get introduced to new musical influences.


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      Originally posted by barnflatwyngarde View Post
      I caught a clip of this band on the BBC programme about the best of Glastonbury.
      To say it blew me away would be an understatement.

      This is just about the most honest and searing performance I have ever seen.
      It's raw, loud and honest..................and no, it's not punk!

      I attach 2 clips, the first clip is the performance that was shown on the BBC, and the second clip is their full gig at Glastonbury.
      What you have here is a band asking pertinent questions about racism, sexism, homophobia et al.
      In other words they're asking all the questions that most of the mainstream music world is failing to address.

      Have you ever seen a bunch of musicians enjoying themselves so much?

      By the way, the guitarist jumping around in his Calvin Klein's is a dentist.
      What an odd thread to find nestled away in the archives of Casebook.

      Awesome band. Absolutely stunning in many ways. Stranglers were great too. I'd recommend Idles to anyone though. Music to make you think.
      Thems the Vagaries.....