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  • Casebook Versus JTR Forums

    I didn't think that my query fiited very well into any of the sub-sections within the "General Discussion" section, so I'll place it here and see where the discussion leads.

    What exactly are the differences between the "Casebook: Jack the Ripper" and the "JTR Forums"?

    I am not a member of the "JTR Forums" but I have wandered round the site on occasions.
    My initial reaction is that it is ridiculously cluttered.
    I counted 6 main sections, with 94 Forums (I may be out by a few), and numerous sub-forums.

    There is no doubt that there is a hell of a lot of good stuff on the forums, but I personally find it a bit difficult to navigate.

    So, why are there 2 major internet sites related to the JTR case?
    Why not just one, was there a schism in the distant past?

    Do the 2 sites have any kind of crossover at all?

    Do posters on the "Casebook" also post on the "JTR Forums", or are the sites 2 separate entities with little or any crossover.

    I confess that I'm genuinely intrigued.

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    Hi Barn

    No schism. The two sites coexist peacefully, each with their own style. And yes, there is dual membership - I am one of them.


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      Iím a member of both too Barn but I mostly post on here (mainly because over the last year the bulk of my posting has been on the Wallace case.) Sam And Abby (to name but two) both post on there regularly. Gary Barnett, who mainly posts over there, occasionally posts on here. We have two great forumís going. The JTRForum does have loads of sub forums so it can look like there are a million things going on. Howardís always around to direct traffic though.

      The only thing that the two forums donít have is a chat room. There must be a reason for this and itís maybe a technical one although someone did once tell me, and it might have been Christopher George over on the JTRF, that one was once in use but no one used it.


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