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Hello - Who Wants a Ride in My Time Machine?

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  • Hello - Who Wants a Ride in My Time Machine?

    Newbie here. I'd just like to say hello ...and a massive thank you to all you people who have given me so much insight over the past two weeks or so. There are regulars here (you know who you are) whose knowledge, understanding and powers of logic are totally impressive. Thank you so much.
    Having been sparked into action by the recent, ridiculously superficial 'documentary' about JtR, where 'criminologist', Professor David Wilson, 'named' Kosminski, and by the highly suspect DNA 'revelations', it has been a breath of fresh air to get hold of some PROPER information on this website.

    As a novice, I cannot hope to add to the amazing collective fund of knowledge but, while we wait for that crucial clue to appear (the one which will solve the mystery), does anyone want to join me for a ride in my imaginary time machine? Firstly, I'm intending to go back to Dallas in November 1963, to see exactly what happened to JFK. Then I shall hop back to Whitechapel in late 1888 and solve that mystery too. Finally, I'm going to zoom way back to have a look at a few dinosaurs. Then I can die a happy man!
    I'm quite happy to take you somewhere else too, if you've got a burning desire to see something first-hand. Any volunteers?