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    Originally posted by Victor View Post
    Hi Norma,

    Of course we need to include any other possible contaminators too, such as Alphon's samples (see previous reference to Alphon's hairs discovered with the knicker fragment) for which there was no trace revealed in the results, or the hairs recovered from the scene.

    Hi Vic,
    Except that it was DNA from Hanratty"s seminal fluid they found on the cloth sample.So that sounds like it could have come from the broken vial that people suggested contained a wash of Hanratty's seminal fluid .Cellophane was also used for storage and the paper envelopes were coming apart at the edges.


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      Hi Guys,
      I can see , and understand, both arguments here, but surely this case was considered proven by experts in the field when the Dna results were known, they are professionals, not speculators, if one takes their findings, and places that amongst the court findings at Hanrattys trial, and most important of all the conviction of a living victim ie, Valerie Storey, that she had no doubts in his guilt for eg. ' As soon as we were confronted he knew the 'game was up', then why is it doubt still lingers amongst so many ?
      I remember the case, and all the 'Innocent pleas', I am well aware of dodgy Identification parades, having been in one myself in the early sixties, I am also aware of certain police methods that may have been used to incriminate a person to obtain a conviction, however in this case, there is no doubt [ in my opinion] that the right man was convicted.
      Hanratty was not the smartest crook on the planet, he panicked in the car, he panicked after he shot Gregson[ proberly his attempt to disarm the gunman] he would have panicked after he shot Valerie, he panicked disposing of the gun, and when convicted and sentenced to death he panicked to save his neck, his only hope resting on his familys belief in his innocence.
      That sums up my feelings .
      Regards Richard.


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        Hi Richard,
        I can quite see how you view this but you are incorrect about Hanratty being a person to panic in the way you suggest.Alphon was the one who appears to have been a state of overwhelming "panic" both when Juliana Galves saw him at 11.45 looking dishevelled and distracted--moving close to the open suitcase with the pair of ladies Black nylon gloves - lying on top of his clothes.Incidently--he never allowed the police to see that suitcase , ever, or his clothes .
        Viz: Acott to Alphon:
        Now tell me the hotels and offices where your luggage is,so I can find it and examine your clothing
        Alphon: No,I dont want my private papers scrutinized.They are political.How do you think thats going to help?Do you think I"ve got blood stained shirts?

        Acott: Have you got blood stained shirts?

        Alphon, Ofcourse not but I dont want to produce them to you.......

        {and he never did}
        However when Police moved on to Hanratty he told Acott exactly where his clothes were,so police could retrieve them and gave immediate permission for them to conduct whatever scientific tests they wanted.[which they did and found nothing whatsoever to link him with the murder concerning any of those clothes "not a hair nor a fibre nor a fingerprint matched Hanratty"s in that Morris Minor ".
        Nor did Hanratty panic when in custody or when he was in the witness box being grilled for hours by the prosecution.
        In the interlude in between August 23rd and his arrest in Blackpool he was mainly enjoying him self out and about with his girl friends and new sports car!
        Will be away for a few days now---see you here Friday Richard!


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          Originally posted by Natalie Severn View Post
          Except that it was DNA from Hanratty"s seminal fluid they found on the cloth sample.So that sounds like it could have come from the broken vial that people suggested contained a wash of Hanratty's seminal fluid .Cellophane was also used for storage and the paper envelopes were coming apart at the edges.
          Hi Norma,

          Yes but that means that there were equal opportunities for Alphon, or anyone who may have handled the knickers (such as those at the committal) to have contaminated the sample, and yet we know that no other DNA profile was found, so those routes of contamination failed. Which in turn means that the sample is more unlikely to have been contaminated.

          Alphon's profile was absent despite possible routes of contamination with his cellular material, that to me means he did not do the rape.

          Truth is female, since truth is beauty rather than handsomeness; this [...] would certainly explain the saying that a lie could run around the world before Truth has got its, correction, her boots on, since she would have to chose which pair - the idea that any woman in a position to choose would have just one pair of boots being beyond rational belief.
          Unseen Academicals - Terry Pratchett.


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            With respect Vic, how do you know anything much of Alphon"s intimate samples remained after he was released from custody? My impression is that Acott lost interest after Valerie identified Michael Clark and not Alphon.


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              article 128.

              Counsel acting for the Hanratty family agreed with counsel acting for the Crown that Alphon "could not have been" the A6 murderer: this means that the Hanratty family must now accept this as being true.

              The phrase highlighted above is unequivocal: it wasn't Alphon as even Hanratty's surviving family have accepted through their own counsel.

              So where does this leave the argument that Hanratty was innocent? Is it really credible to conjecture that another individual was responsible, someone who totally escaped Police notice at the time and since? Or is the only rational thing to do to acknowledge that this exoneration of Alphon, combined with all the other factors and evidence which suggest Hanratty's guilt, leave us with one inescapable conclusion...

              Hanratty was guilty.

              Views (expressed politely and without bullying tactics) please.[/QUOTE
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