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The Vinland Map, the Antoinette letters and the Maybrick diary.

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  • The Vinland Map, the Antoinette letters and the Maybrick diary.

    Had a bit of trouble pondering which sub-forum to stick this in, which will become clear.

    In the last couple of days I've read about a couple of things concerning ink on old documents.

    First there's the Vinland Map.

    "The Vinland Map is a fake,” said Raymond Clemens, curator of early books and manuscripts at Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, which houses the map. “There is no reasonable doubt here. This new analysis should put the matter to rest."

    There's also the Marie-Antoinette secret correspondence with Swedish count Axel von Fersen.

    This methodology successfully revealed the redacted contents of eight letters, shedding new light not only on Marie-Antoinette and Fersen relationship but also on the author of the redactions.

    All this analysis of inks did make me think if anything could be determinded from the Maybrick diary using the tech used in these 2 examples.
    These are not clues, Fred.
    It is not yarn leading us to the dark heart of this place.
    They are half-glimpsed imaginings, tangle of shadows.
    And you and I floundering at them in the ever vainer hope that we might corral them into meaning when we will not.
    We will not.

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    More ink testing might be informative, only if a) a different method is used than before, or b) the current owner will allow it.

    Pat D.
    Von Konigswald: Jack the Ripper plays shuffleboard. -- Happy Birthday, Wanda June by Kurt Vonnegut, c.1970.