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Unsolved Double Murder -John Cooper ?

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  • Unsolved Double Murder -John Cooper ?

    Double murders, both related family members , both robbery motives - both committed on Dec 22 by scruffy man (although photofits are not alike).Could John Cooper be killer of the elderly sisters ?Just got me intrigued- but members here will know far than me whether it is a credible theory or just a non -starter.Thoughts please The neighbour reported that on December 22nd, he had seen a “scruffy looking” man, “like a vagrant”, John Cooper guilty of two Pembrokeshire double murders He murdered brother and sister Richard and Helen Thomas then burned down their house on December 22,His appearance at the time, with scruffy mullet and moustache

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    Cooper is also a suspect in the murders of Harry and Megan Tooze, for which an innocent man, their son-in-law, was first convicted, then released with his conviction quashed.
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