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In an evidence box from the Keddie Cabin #28 Massacre

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  • In an evidence box from the Keddie Cabin #28 Massacre

    In 1981, a Mom and three kids were tortured/murdered in a remote mountain community in California. The Republican Sheriff at the time never arrested anyone, saying, there were no serious suspects. The case has remained unsolved until this day. A couple of years ago, a new sheriff found this note in the bottom of an evidence box. Independent investigators, interested parties and I have always had a favorite suspect, one of the Sheriff's best friends.The suspect wrote this note to his wife. The story, bits and pieces of which I have heard since the massacre and believe, follows. The suspect got the Mom's 12-year-old daughter pregnant. The man was in his early 30's. Her 15-year-old brother threatened to kill him if he touched his sister again. The worst torture was for her 15-year-old brother. But the most interesting fact from the crime scene, the 12-year-old girl was kidnapped from the cabin, her body was found 100 miles away about a year later. That prevented an autopsy. I wrote Robert Stack's Unsolved Mysteries in the late 1980's about the case. I am determined, with my meager resources to see justice done. I included the story in my blog about 5 years ago.

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    Not a case I was familiar with, have done some reading up on it. Tragic really. There's never been justice for the victims, but it should have been right there. Keep up the fight. The prime suspects can't be brought to justice now, but people can know the truth. If people like you forget the truth, then they died for nothing. They deserve more.
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      I mostly remember this case for that creepy-ass sketch of the suspects:
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        Much like John F. Kennedy's assassination and cover-up, the key to prevent the guilty parties from being brought to justice, is not offering a single alternative suspect. It is offering a plethora of suspects. The small community had apparently accepted the murderers as one of their own, but not the sharp family coming from New England. Locals came up with suspect after suspect all strangers. But one of the survivors Ricky Sharp 10-years-old holds the key. He was interviewed by the chief detective with a tape recorder. This officer of the law "accidentally" shuts the tape recorder off less then 30 seconds into the interview. Ricky said Justin Smartt, Suspect Marty Smartt's stepson, was afraid of his stepfather who had titanic temper and repeatedly beat him. Despite the story told by police during the investigation. Ricky Sharp said Justin went into the living room during the commotion and came back saying his stepdad told him to get his ass back into the bedroom. He saw Johnny Sharp and Dana Wingate tied up and bloody. I would remind everyone of a clue Sherlock Holmes used in "Silver Blaze". The key to the case was the fact that a good guard dog did nothing during the murder of the horse trainer. Same thing happened at Keddie Cabin. The neighborhood was well stocked with guard dogs. None of which did anything before or during the attack, torture and murder of teenagers Johnny Sharp and Dana Wingate and Johnny and Ricky's Mom and the kidnapping of 12-year-old Tina Sharp. If a stranger had, in fact, entered the neighborhood, dogs would have gone crazy. But not a familiar face. Another oddity, why was Tina removed from the crime

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