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A Parallel to Jack the Ripper, Zodiac Killer

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  • A Parallel to Jack the Ripper, Zodiac Killer

    The once great History Channel/US has become smorgasbord of loony toons and Right-Wing Extremism. But the network had one brief return to their previous serious research and provided us with one last moment of glory. Hunt for the Zodiac Killer was serious research by two detectives trying to discover the identity of the Zodiac Killer who plagued California in the late 1960's. LAPD Detective Sal LaBarbera and former FBI investigator Ken Mains take the evidence step by step, retracing the killer's murders, his mystifying ciphers, which confounded MI6, CIA AND FBI analysts, investigating each suspects movements at the time.. But before the moment of truth the History Channel cancels the series and there will be no season two. But they did provide a possible solution to the impossible to solve 340 Zodiac Cipher. Amazingly, the cipher is elegant in its simplicity. using a simple transposition/symbol cipher with the added element of second uses of the same letter in the same word un-encoded. Helped by spelling errors, this got LaBarbera and Mains half the solution, through their team of experts and a super computer, of course. Like Jack the Ripper, it appears a mentally ill young man is the most likely suspect and luck had as much to do with his success as criminal acumen. In one of the greatest mistakes of all time in a criminal investigation, a dispatcher mistakenly said a black man committed the last murder. Police arriving on scene stopped a white man a few blocks from the crime scene and let him go, Dave Toschi SFPD determined they talked to Zodiac within seconds of the crime. I have created a blog page about it and hope it will help add clarity to the mystery, even with the passage of so much time.

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