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So, who REALLY killed Jill Dando?

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  • So, who REALLY killed Jill Dando?

    Barry George has walked free after eight years in jail. So, was she killed by a stalker or someone with a different motive?

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    At last Barry George freed! The trial was a travesty.Jill Dando's killing appears to be a professional hit, close up bullet behind ear, silencer, only take a few seconds, disappears. Very organised, unlike poor disorganised George.
    Could be serbs or criminal underworld.
    Miss Marple


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      Hi Miss Marple,

      My husband mentioned the Serbs. It certainly looked like a professional job. Good job we don't still have hanging in this country as, once again, a vulnerable and easy-to-accuse man with a low IQ would have swung.


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        Jill Dando

        About a year after Barry George was jailed a friend of mine, Diane Lazarus, and I were asked to look into the case by the newspaper ‘Wales on Sunday’. After looking over the scene I came to certain conclusions.

        The shooting was a professional murder.

        He had rented a flat in the area to act as a base of operations.

        No silencer was used.

        The killer reactivated a deactivated Russian pistol and downloaded the ammunition to fit.

        He disposed of the weapon shortly after walking away from the scene of the murder, possibly by placing it in a previously prepared jiffy bag and posting it.

        He flew out of the country that afternoon.

        I still believe that to be the case.

        Diane Lazarus has a chapter on our activities in her autobiography.

        Just as a matter of interest if we still had hanging I don’t believe Barry George would have been convicted in the first place.


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          'Just as a matter of interest if we still had hanging I don’t believe Barry George would have been convicted in the first place'.

          One would hope so Bob.

          What do you think the motive for her murder was? Do you think the secret servicesw know who killed her and for what purpose? Do you think they will/have retaliated?


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            Barry George's Trial

            The reason I say that I doubt if BG would have been convicted at his first trial if hanging was an option is that the verdict was a majority one of 10-1. For a capital offence the verdict always had to be unanimous.

            I think the motive was entirely personal and nothing to do with Secret Services.


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              If a flat was rented, did you find any evidence of that? Surely that would be a lead, local estate agents or landlords would have a record of a short term let in the area, paid up front, then tenant vanishes.
              Miss Marple


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                There was an article in The Daily Telegraph today describing the Serbian theory. Three days before the murder, British planes bombed a media station in Belgrade owned by Slobodan Milosevic. 16 empolyees were killed. Jill Dando also publically lent her support for an appeal to help Kosovan refugees. It is believed by some that these factors were a motive for her assassination.


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                  It was a proffesional hit, simple as, the media twisted it, and an innocent, albeit strange man went down!

                  Cue more court cases for compo' and the real killers vanishing forever.

                  I just feel for Dando's poor family.
                  Regards Mike


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                    Interesting statement by the head of scotland yards serious crimes command "We are disappointed by todays verdict,especially disappointed for jills family,However we respect the courts decision"So I guess the police think they had the right man..........?Who knows?


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                      The police thought they had the 'right man' when they locked up Stefan Kisko. He suffered 16 years in jail for a crime he could not possibly have committed. It's easy to look around and look for a 'local nutter' who fits the frame. God knows, we saw that with the Ripper investigation. Terrible crime, killer must be off his head, look for a gibbering eccentric. I thought we'd moved on a bit since 1888 though.


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                        If the Serbs did it why did they not claim responsibility?
                        It would serve no purpose.


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                          The reason I don't think this was a political murder is as already mentioned no-one claimed responsibility for it. If you look at political murders in practically every case someone claims they did it - even if they didn't!

                          That's one of the many reasons I believe the Birmingham Six were actually guilty. If they were innocent the IRA would have paraded the real bombers in front of the TV cameras in some country with no extradition to show how doubly clever they had been.

                          Renting a flat question. Good point but he wouldn't necessarily disappear suddenly. He rents the flat for one month, murders Jill in the middle of the period, goes abroad, mails the keys back at the end of the period, nothing suspicious.

                          Barry George has been described as a ‘stalker’. I certainly wouldn’t use that description for him. A stalker fixates on one person and not on a crowd. His behaviour is more in keeping with a slightly weird bloke who tries to talk to strange women. (by strange I mean of course women unknown to him – not weird) I would be interested to hear Jean Ritchie’s view of this mater. Jean Ritchie wrote an excellent book about stalkers.

                          Look at the case against George.

                          1. No real forensics.
                          2. No witnesses
                          3. No motive
                          4. No weapon
                          5. No means

                          And all this adds up to No Case!


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                            Bob, do you think the murder had something to do with her appearing on BBC's Crimewatch series?
                            Regards Mike


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                              No. I believe it was personal. The one thing that has been largely overlooked over this case is opportunity.

                              At the time Jill Dando wasn't living at her home, she was living with her boyfriend and only visited her flat rarely. On the day she was killed she paid one of her rare visits to her flat. There was only one place in the street the killer could have hidden to wait for her and that was by some bushes across the road.

                              It takes eight seconds to walk across the road, through her gate and to her front door. The front door had three locks on it. The killer started walking as soon as Jill went through her gate. When he went through the gate she was unlocking her door. Three steps, grab her by the arm to force her down, gun pressed closely to the head, fire, turn and walk away.

                              So who knew she was going to be at her flat at that time?