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  • The black doodler

    Does anyone have any information - or know of a resource, concerning the doodler or black doodler (a young, black man, a police sketch of whom appears on the wiki entry for this killer ? When I came across this case, I was surprised it was not better known - particularly because of a link to celebrities of the time. Not finding much on the internet.

    Basic facts:
    A serial killer who was active in San Francisco in the mid 1970s (1974-1975) and was believed to have murdered up to fourteen gay men. Generally accepted that he killed at least 5 - Gerald Earl Cavanaugh, Joseph Stevens, Claus A. Christmann, Frederick Elmer Capin and Harald Gullberg.

    Basic MO:
    He would meet his victims in a bar and offer to draw them. When he left the bar with his victims, they would travel to some remote park or beach, where he would stab them.

    Three survivors of attacks by the doodler would not testify against the prime suspect for fear of being outed as gay (it was a generally homophobic environment in the mid 1970s). The witnesses were rumoured to include a european diplomat and a celebrity (thought to be either Rock Hudson, Johnnie Ray or Richard Chamberlain). The prime suspects name was never released.