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New Jack the Ripper documentary in production

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  • New Jack the Ripper documentary in production

    Thank you for allowing me to join this forum. I would like to let you know that a new Ripper documentary is currently in the early stages of production. Ripper author Mike Hawley is featured in the documentary which looks into the case for Francis Tumblety being Jack the Ripper. I'm the producer and Jason Figgis is the director/editor. I'm also one of the writers. We hope to complete the film at some point in the New Year. Further information on Jason and myself can be found on my website - and on IMDb. Jason and I have made several films together and we look forward to presenting our Ripper doc to the public in due course.

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    Look forward to it, Mike has done some great work on Tumblety.
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      Splendid stuff.

      Anything new to add to the mixing pot sounds fascinating.



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        This sounds interesting.

        I really enjoyed Mike Hawley's book too.

        Tumblety is certainly one of the more charismatic characters in Ripperology!


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          Looking forward to seeing that. An interesting character, Snidely Whiplash meets PT Barnum kind of fellow. His relationship with Irish Self Rule organizations and his snake oil salesman persona are for me a more intriguing perspective on him, but his attachment to the Ripper lore seems to be the wider audience favorite.


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            Thanks all. I will keep you posted as to developments.


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              Tis that chiseled jaw of his that gets Mike into all the docs.

              Yours truly,

              Tom Wescott