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  • Ripperologist 166- Mar 2020

    Thread for discussion of Ripperologist Magazine #166

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    I just read Mike Hawley's article on Inspector Andrews in Rip 166.

    I covered Inspector Andrews north American adventure in Deconstructing Jack. It soon became clear that there would have been little point in sending Andrews to New York, as Robert Anderson already had his people in the city. Ex-Superintendent James Thomson and his wife were staying at the Gilsey House hotel on Broadway [the tab picked up by The Times], negotiating with double-agent General Millen about giving evidence before the Special Commission.

    And whilst forger Thomas Barton was in US custody pending extradition to the UK, Scotland Yard Inspector Fred Jarvis [he arrived in New York seven days before Tumblety] had plenty of spare time on his hands in which to hunt for him.

    Robert Anderson had other Scotland Yard policemen in the United States.

    In fact, had Scotland Yard been even remotely interested in Tumblety and his whereabouts, Jarvis or Thomson could have done no better than pop around to the offices of the New York World, which on 29th January 1889 published an interview with him in which the quack had castigated the London police for having charged him with “a series of the most horrible crimes ever recorded.”

    The Andrews in New York story was designed to steer attention away from Scotland Yard's other wholly illegal US activities way out west on behalf of The Times, which the Pinkertons and Henry Matthews knew all about.

    Inspector Andrews returned to the UK aboard the SS Peruvian. On 2nd January 1889, when the Eastern Morning News [Hull, UK] published an earlier story from the Daily Telegraph [31st December 1888] about Andrews having arrived in New York, the SS Peruvian was docking at Queenstown, Ireland. It docked at Liverpool the following day.

    You had to be an early bird to get the better of the slippery Robert Anderson. To stay in practice, he used to tell lies in his sleep.
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