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    Originally posted by PaulB View Post
    Sorry for the delay -working hard on the new A to Z. But I had a quick search and 'Time Reveals All' was reviewed in Ripperologist 165, October 2019 (which seems like a world away). I said that if a myriad of codes and hidden meanings floats your boat, this book will be a luxury cruise, but for me, the boat sank like a rock. By that I mean, the author accepted the diary is genuine, accepted that it was written by James Maybrick, and expects the reader to accept that clues of one sort or another are scattered through the text. Life's short, as Martin F used to say, and whilst I gave the book a fair hearing, I was not, shall we say impressed.
    Yep! This boat sank like the Titanic for me too!

    I should have read your review in Ripperologist, or at least done a bit of research before buying.

    That'll teach me to impulse buy!!!!