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    I never managed to get him to respond to any of the issues with the theory. It was difficult not to get frustrated because on more than one occasion he said that he could rebut Simon’s research but he just wouldn’t back up his claims. Oh well..



    Chairman of the National Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To The Old Established Theories.


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      I was hoping Fishy would eventually get past his enthusiasm for the Royal Conspiracy Theory and settle down to the point where he would debate it upon factual grounds. While I would hope that if he did that he would eventually come to realize that it is too filled with errors to be viable, it isn't necessary for someone to be a contributor to do so. Unfortunately, rather than adopting an approach that contributes, he approached it as if it was about scoring points and not about making points. Debates can get heated, and it is easy for all of us to get a bit frustrated and for that to show, but Fishy's provocative approach seemed more orchestrated towards that goal, rather than towards the goal of figuring things out. The boards are a wonderful trove of information, and a collection of diverse and enjoyable personalities. I may not agree with everyone, and as with any collection of people interested in any topic, there are some I disagree with more frequently than others, but I do want to say, disagreeing with ideas, or methods, or reasoning, doesn't mean I don't learn something all the same. Your presentation may not change my mind or view, but just because I'm not convinced doesn't mean I've ignored what you said, and it doesn't mean I have any personal dislike or animosity towards you. I might get frustrated, as might you, but debate and discussion is not intended to create frustration, even if that sometimes is an unavoidable by-product (because, after all, we all are human - well, most of us anyway! ). Sadly, it appears Fishy was more interested in creating frustration, or perhaps that was more a reflection of his frustration with the fact that his beliefs were being challenged and he didn't like that. For anyone new to the boards, a word of caution, if you aren't prepared to have your beliefs challenged, this might not be the best hobby for you.

      - Jeff