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Curse upon Mitre Square

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  • Curse upon Mitre Square

    This book was presented as non-fiction and came out 1888, so, a bit of leeway for the folks at that time.

    They after all, were a little less scientific, a little less educated and much more frightened.

    They were there.

    It's available to read online and I thought I'd share that here for anyone who would like to read it. It's not long and has pictures

    It's not exactly what we today would call 'non-fiction' *ahem

    From the Introduction:

    "OKAY, everything you’ve heard is true. The Curse Upon Mitre Square is a pulpy piece of exploitation trash. Think Elvis clones. Think Alien advisors to the White House. Think Batboy. Think entertainment value.

    Written and published in October 1888, this first piece of Jack the Ripper fiction exploits the recent and ghastly murder of Catherine Eddowes in Mitre Square, but makes no pretense of actually solving the Ripper case. Because it contains plot holes bigger than the Grand Canyon and proposes the ghost of a mad monk as a potential Ripper suspect, students of the Ripper case often dismiss the book as an insignificant curiosity. Yet in addition to its entertainment value, The Curse Upon Mitre Square actually provides valuable insight into the mindset of the culture during the Ripper