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  • Lizzie Williams???

    Hi all,

    I live in the Netherlands and on a short newsitem I saw that in a new book Lizzie Williams is being proposed as the Ripper. They even said she was the wife of a famous doctor who was one of the main suspects.

    I have read Tony Williams' book so I know whom we are talking about. Who came up with the idea that it was Lizzie? Has anyone heard of this new book? Who wrote it and how did they come by this idea?



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    I believe this is the news item: Daily Mail


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      Trust the Mail to come out with such a load of poorly informed nonsense.
      aye aye! keep yer 'and on yer pfennig!


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        Have a look a this woman, cant you just see the evil within, its obvious , no sexual connection with the victims, articles beside Annie Chapman [ the female touch] buttons off boots?? in Mitre square., and of course the burnt shawl/cape??? in Kelly's room, as for the jacket it belonged to Kelly, the bonnet was Mrs Harvey's
        What in carnation is this guy talking about, and he is concerned that we fail to endorse his claims.
        It appears all one has to do is produce a period photograph, of either sex, and place them either as a relative, or possible suspect, and yes... get that typewriter going.
        Regards Richard.


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          Believe it or not, it was on Dutch tv that this book came out. I immidiately thought it was not something I wanted to read, I was just curious what others thought about it.

          Funny, I started this thread and the article starts with Jacqueline the Ripper. My name is Jacqueline. And NO, it wasn't me!! Nowhere near old enough


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            I was just on the AOL page and one of their featured stories is on this. Cue the deluge of the deluded who think this is it...


            Let all Oz be agreed;
            I'm Wicked through and through.


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              Cue the deluge of the deluded who think this is it...

              You mean this isn't it? It wasn't Lizzie Williams with a butcher's knife in the backyard? Heaven fofend, fooled again.

              "To expose [the Senator] is rather like performing acts of charity among the deserving poor; it needs to be done and it makes one feel good, but it does nothing to end the problem."