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The Ripper and the Royals by Melvyn FAIRCLOUGH...

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  • The Ripper and the Royals by Melvyn FAIRCLOUGH...

    Just finished reading this book, to anyone whose read it would very much like to hear your views.....

    Liked the concept of Annie & Eddy, being the whole reason for Jack.

    Liked the concept of there being more than one "Ripper" hence the differences in the various witness statements.

    Thought the notion of Rudolph SPENCER being the Ripper ridiculous and the suggestions that 3 people squeezed into KELLY's room to murder her farcical.

    Liked the idea of a Masonic cover up, thought perhaps Special Branch agents doing the murders might have been a more plausible, than a Lord?

    Interesting reasoning about the use of a coach, but poses more questions than it answers in my mind.