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The Mystery of Jack the Ripper; Leonard Matters

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  • The Mystery of Jack the Ripper; Leonard Matters

    I just borrowed a copy of The Mystery of Jack the Ripper by Leonard Matters and after checking the Book Reviews section, I came here to check for any comments. I found NOTHING here! Just page after page of the Diary, Patricia Cornwall and other media-driven threads; although recently-released material is MUCH better covered. So I thought I'd put up some threads for reviews, comments, thoughts, etc. for some of the neglected books (especially the older ones)- starting with...

    The Mystery of Jack the Ripper by Leonard Matters (1929). It's preferred that the focus here is primarily on the book itself, rather than focusing on the theory proposed, but since there doesn't seem to be a devoted Dr. Stanley page in the Suspects section, go wild.

    - CFL

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    Hi C.F.,

    Before getting stuck into Leonard Matters' 1929 book, it might be worth your while digging out a copy of the Salt Lake Herald, 25th August 1901, in which the same Buenos Aires story first appeared.


    Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.


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      mr Leon I own a real nice first edition copy of M Matters booklots of reasons I love this book firstly itís like a time capsule of the late 1920s both socially and historically secondly the on the spot discriptions of the streets-dwellings- houses is unique and most importantly those images matters shares oh my god wish more were included within the book!! Did he take more images?? One can hopeI cherish this book has some financial value yes ! Your views Mr Leon??


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        My copy

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          Sorry about not responding in a timely matter- various problems (including health & computer) have hit me simultaneously recently. I've recently obtained a new computer, though, and I'm trying to update my correspondence and get back into the flow of my web activities. It's slow going, however- I had a LOT of irons in the fire (interests in my life).

          I currently am unable to access my notes on Matters' book, I do intend to write a review when I do. The copy I received was through Inter-Library Loan (I don't have the source library handy). It had been rebound and several of the photo pages had been cut out/removed and replaced by (decent-quality) photocopies. The rebinding took up most of the margins and made it VERY difficult to scan (and they used too much glue, also). However, after I returned the book, I ordered McCormick's book and received a SECOND copy of Matters in error, which had the missing pages intact and better margins.

          I know nothing about Matters personally other than what he mentions in the book- his Wikipedia page mentions that he was a MP, but mostly concerns the Ripper book.There probably are people here that have more information (I'd be interested if he took other pictures, also). As for financial value- condition is probably the most important point. From your picture, it looks like there's little or no flaking of the spine, which happens in these older books just by age & use. Be careful, it's my experience both working in bookstores and trying to sell books that bookbuyers tend to overly picky.

          -- CFL


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            Leon sir thanks for your reply yes my copy is in real nice condition all images intact and correct as are all the written ones binding is also nice in general a fine copy for age and far nicer than some copy’s I’ve seen for sale and paid a very fair price I have been collecting Ripper books for over 30 years I do love all the classics Cullen-McCormick-Odell etc all best Christian


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              Leonard Matters posited a pseudonymous Dr. Stanley, an eminent London surgeon who, after the murders, fled to Buenos Aires. On his deathbed he confessed to the Whitechapel murders, carried out as part of an East End quest to find the prostitute who had fatally infected his son with a particularly virulent strain of syphilis.

              Barring a few incidental details, Leonard Matters' tale was a direct lift from John T. Sullivan’s 1901 Salt Lake Herald story of Dr. E., a physician who also confessed to the murders and fled to Buenos Aires.
              Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.