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The History That Never Was by Alex Butterworth

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    Originally posted by Phil Carter View Post
    No further comment
    I do have some further comment.

    I find your response to my article absolutely extraordinary.


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      I mention Catherine Kelly, the sister-in-law of John Kelly (Moran), in the article. Due to the fact that she was related to a known informer, she was already in fear, and trying to hide her identity, while in San Francisco (which had an Irish community), before even given her statement to the authorities.

      As noted in a report by the UK's San Francisco Consul on 2 December 1885:

      'She is hiding from those who know her and gives herself out as from Limerick, but has already left one lodging house as the landlady letting knew her accent was not that of Limerick.'

      An example of a young Irish woman pretending to come from Limerick!