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Back to Whitechapel - "La véritable histoire de Jack l'eventreur"

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  • Back to Whitechapel - "La véritable histoire de Jack l'eventreur"

    French autor Michel Moatti, journalist and university professor in sociology had just published an historic novel, called Retour a Whitechapel, HC EDITIONS, Paris.
    This is a fiction story including real facts and datas on the case, (newspapers and Kew archives) and mainly focused on the Mary Jane Kelly affair. The narrator, a Mrs Amelia Pritlowe, thinks she could be the hidden daughter of MJK. With the help of a quaint psychologist and with the use of hypnosis sessions, Mrs Pritlowe, headnurse at the London Hospital, will return to the night of nov 9, 1888: could she have been sleeping that night at Mrs Prater's (who took care of her while Mary Kelly was absent)? And did she awake, as Diddles, when the killer entered the room below ? Did she heard anything? Did she peep through the floorboards ?
    Let's go back to Miller's Court.
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    I read the book in French, my first language.

    It's well written and researched.

    I disagree with his conclusion. I mean, if you read the appendice, he talks about how his fiction could probably be the real thing, that's the part I disagree with.

    I won't go into details, not to spoil anything.

    One of the rare historical fiction in French about JtR.
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      At least he says it's fiction.
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