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Severin: A Tale of Jack the Ripper

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  • Severin: A Tale of Jack the Ripper

    This is very late, but lovers of Ripper fiction might like to know that my novel Severin is now available as a paperback, after some time as a Kindle-only book:



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    Cheers Simon.


    “All conspiracy theories are the product of the subconscious attempt of an ignorant yet creative mind to counteract the fear of the unknown with the tales of fantasy.” Abhijit Naskar.

    “Conspiracy theorists, she knew, were paranoid by definition, and usually with good reason - they were indeed being watched, largely because they were standing on an upturned bucket, haranguing the sheeple with their wingnut delusions.” Mick Herron.

    ”The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie.” Shannon L. Alder.


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      Hi Simon,

      I wanted to speak to you privately, as I am a new author (not new to Jack though) and wanted to discuss some things with you.

      I recently sent you a Facebook Friend request to try and establish this contact. If you see it please bear in mind it is with good intentions and a kindred spirit, not SPAM.

      If not Facebook please advise of a way I could contact you. I am new to these boards so I'll look into whether there is a way it can be achieved through this forum.

      Hope to hear from you.