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New Ripper book.

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  • New Ripper book.

    Hi, everyone, my latest Jack the Ripper Suspect Guide, is out now.

    This comprehensive, suspect guide has been thoroughly updated, and contains the names of hundreds of individuals who have, at one time or another, came under suspicion of being Jack the Ripper. Many in this book are only suspects in the very loosest of terms. Their involvement coming about by them having committed or attempting to commit a Ripper-style murder. Some by confessing to being Jack the Ripper while suffering from mental illness, or while under the influence of alcohol. Others have been linked to Jack the Ripper by the press, police and by contemporary and recent theorists. Only a select few of these individuals can realistically be considered credible suspects. Many have since been exonerated. But at one time or another, proof or no proof, they were suspected of being Jack the Ripper.

    This will be the last ever edition of my suspect guide.

    The book is 744 pages, and available in both Kindle and paperback.