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  • Ripper Street Cancelled

    After two series, Ripper Street is to end. I really like this series and find that yet again another well made, quality drama has been shut down because of 'viewing figures'. I was half expecting it but really upset that everything I like on TV these days gets cancelled! I only watch a few things on TV (iplayer) and almost all I like gets cancelled. Yet cheap to make, reality crap goes on for ever simply because it makes vast amounts of money from advertising. No longer do the TV companies care about providing entertainment for EVERYONE. Modern trash TV for modern viewers and sod the older viewers.

    Quote form BBC:
    "The serial was trounced in the ratings by ITV's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here and has been axed "to make room for creative renewal", the BBC said."

    So there you have it. Reality killed Ripper Street and I expect 'creative renewal' will mean 'Next on the BBC, Sibling Celebrity, Strictly Pole Dancing, hosted by James Corden and a bird with big boobs in a low cut dress!'

    "Julia Raeside, writing in The Guardian's TV and radio blog, said the idea of I'm A Celebrity... crushing the "beautifully made" Ripper Street was like "a flamethrower melting a snowflake"."
    I concur.


    Also, while I'm at it...
    "Gothic crime drama Whitechapel is shelved by ITV"

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    If you feel inclined...

    Anyone else who is disappointed may want to go and sign the petition over at

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      I have signed it, Richard, sick of TV companies deciding what we should watch. If we have to still pay for a TV licence, by law, then at least leave decent stuff for the viewer to watch! Programmes have been dumbed down so much over the last two decades that this particular period drama has been a refreshing change. It has depicted so well of London in the Victorian era and the storylines, although quite brutal at times, have been enormously entertaining, inventive and eventful.
      I can't stand IACGMOOH!!!


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        I have signed.

        I'm sick of Chav TV. More programmes with the quality of Ripper Street and I'd be more inclined to actually watch T.V. more often.


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          Well the TV companies don't decide what I watch, because I refuse to watch it.

          The best celebrity game was invented by Paul Merton, who during one of his shows suggested a show called "Whose Corpse?" The idea was to dig up a dead celebrity and try to guess who it is (was).


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            I have loved this series, the characters seem much more likeable than in the first one. Real shame......


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              So I guess the 2nd season wont make it over to Canada now

              I fear there is a BBC Ripper (street) conspiracy going on ..

              Shallow non substantial TV for a Shallow non substantial audience ..

              Horses for courses I guess .. beam me up scotty

              And while on the subject of silly TV .. Has anyone else seen " Killer Contact ( Jack the Ripper) " it aired on Canada TV last night .. Silly American Ghost hunters who apparently had a Ghostly chat with Catherine Eddows and Annie Chapman , who both in turn pointed a ghostly finger at Kozminski .. Then The Paranormal investigators summoned Kozminski .. Who admitted to the murders !!! This is the kind of shite TV that the Shallow non substantial world we live in flocks to .. sad but true .

              moonbegger .
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                What really pisses me off is the fact the BBC doesnt and shoulnt have to worry about viewing rateings, Also the fact that reality crap will proberly trounce whatever they replace Ripper Street with.
                It would seem likely also that if hadnt been put up against it , the figures proberly would be highet.


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                  I was very impressed with this series, and looking forward to more.
                  The Beeb just don't know when they have a winner...

                  Someone should be fired!
                  Regards, Jon S.


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                    If any Americans are interested in seeing the first series, it's on Netflix.


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                      More than likely it will be replaced by another 'Reality' programme with Z listers in it


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                        this is sad news indeed, I have been looking foward to series 2 for a long time, and now, BBC America doesnt even have a date listed... for a while it was said would air in Dec, but now, no word.

                        maybe someone will realize their mistake and the series will be re-born.. we can only hope..

                        by the way, without any spoilers, how did everyone like series 2 as compared to series 1?

                        Steadmund Brand
                        "The truth is what is, and what should be is a fantasy. A terrible, terrible lie that someone gave to the people long ago."- Lenny Bruce


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                          Hi Steadmund, To keep it brief, if you liked the first series then you will definetly enjoy the current second series.


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                            Petition signed...much good it'll do, but one has to try

                            All the best



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                              [QUOTE=Steadmund Brand;

                              by the way, without any spoilers, how did everyone like series 2 as compared to series 1?

                              Steadmund Brand[/QUOTE]

                              Hi Steadmund,

                              I really enjoyed the first series and the second is really good too, but the story lines seem more violent, I think, but all of them are still clever and inventive. I shall be sorry to see this series end. I do hope the BBC will reconsider. Will be such a shame. There are very few period dramas, as it is and far too much 'reality' TV, in my opinion.