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    Is there anyone here with a VR setup who might be willing to provide help and feedback on my 'Whitechapel Recreations' VR experience (coming soon)?

    Ideally I need someone with VR but failing that it is perfectly okay to use the experience on a desktop PC. I need a ripperologist's feedback and advice!

    This is the first one in a series of 5 (canonical 5) and it's Mitre Square and Goulston Street. Don't ask why I started with the 4th of the c5!

    I've been working on this one for about a month but it's still rough and an early WIP. But at this stage I wanted feedback on the accuracy and other details.

    Visitors will be able to walk around the square, down the passages ways and enter/view the cottage that PC Pearce/family lived in (I need help with this).

    There is a 'memorial hall' which has been setup in Essex House - the memorial is basically a museum and case history of the square and the whitechapel murder case. I've also put Goulston street in there too and quite a bit more to make this an interesting place to visit.

    In VR it really is amazing to walk around. You can set it to daytime or night time and expereince how dark it really was - There is a bullseye lantern available for night time walks!

    Anyway, I need help and feedback before it goes live.

    It will be availalbe to non-VR users (on desktop) but this project has been designed around those using VR headsets.

    Here are a few ROUGH pictures (I won't post the pics here but a link to my website because the images will be constantly removed and updated as the thing matures and improves)
    twitter pics:

    I'll start posting some more details and questions on this (Ripper 3D Forum) in the coming days.

    This experience is designed as an educational and maybe even a research tool given that they will ALL be based off OS maps and contemporary information/measurments/images/statements etc...

    Hope you like!
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    Sorry Richard!

    I don't have VR.

    I really like this idea though. It sounds superb!

    I love the idea of a night time walk with a bullseye lantern.

    Best of luck getting it off the ground.


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      I really look forward to seeing this Richard. Sorry I can’t help though because when you talk technology you might as well be speaking Welsh to me.


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