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A Study in Terror on TV 25 Aug 2008

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  • A Study in Terror on TV 25 Aug 2008

    For those in the UK:
    Monday August 25
    Time: 00:50 - 02:20
    A Study in Terror (1965 B&W)
    "Sherlock Holmes goes on the trail of Jack the Ripper - and uncovers a plot involving top politicans and royalty. Taut thriller starring John Neville and Donald Houston" (from Teletext)

    For more details see:

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    Thanks for the heads up Chris, I will try to remember to set the video to record! I doubt i will be able to stay awake that long!

    Good old bank holidays eh!
    Regards Mike


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      This film seems a bit and undeservedly overlooked for some reason. I saw it on tape a long time ago. Wasn't it in color though?
      This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

      Stan Reid


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        Originally posted by sdreid View Post
        This film seems a bit and undeservedly overlooked for some reason. I saw it on tape a long time ago. Wasn't it in color though?
        Internet Movie database lists it as colour,

        Plus look at the goof lists, always good for a laugh,

        Anachronisms: In 1888, they sing a song "Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay!" which is composed by Henry J. Sayers in 1891.

        Anachronisms: In 1888 they sing "Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer" to the tune "Cwm Rhondda" which was not composed until about 1905, and had its first public performance in 1907.

        Crew or equipment visible: In the scene in which Annie Chapman visits Chunky in the slaughterhouse, the shadow of the camera is projected on the actors and prop pork pieces.
        Regards Mike


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          A great Holmes/Ripper film, it's actually in colour (lurid Eastmancolour) with some great set design by Alex Vetchinsky. And Frank Finley plays Inspector Lestrade 14 years before he played him in Murder by Decree. A bit misleading "and uncovers a plot involving top politicans and royalty" as there's no Royal involvement unless you want to count a Duke and his two sons. One of my favourite Ripper films and definitely worth watching for Barbara Windsors turn as Annie Chapman and the gorgeous Edina Ronay as Mary Kelly.



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            Thank you Chris. Will record this.


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              Hi guys
              The black and white info came from Teletext so could well be in error!


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                What did you people think of that? It made me want to go and read some Sherlock Holmes... Very loosely follows facts ofcourse (possibly more than any fiction I've seen on the case, and I expected that).


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                  Missed it I'm afraid.

                  Someone put a link to Frankie Howard and June Whitfield doing J'Taime on the Jokes thread.....very funny,if you've not seen it yet....

                  Which led me to watch Up Pompeii!!for most of the late evening.....


                  I do want to read original Holmes novel "Study in Scarlet" though.Just to see how close it comes to JTR.



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                    A bit late in the day but look what's on ITV tonight.

                    8pm Disappearing London The Jewish East End.

                    9pm Pierrepoint Movie about Britain's most famous hangman.

                    11pm Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 2002 film, terrestrial TV premiere.


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                      Seem to recall 'Study in Terror' was an adaption of an Ellery Queen novel??


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                        Hi all,
                        I watched most of Pierrepoint..not bad.....Spall was very good,as usual..
                        nice and creepy atmosphere at times...brought it all home to you,this hanging stuff...
                        I thought it was nice and touching when he laid that woman out,having hung her,saying that she would be better taken care of by him..she's paid her price etc...

                        Then after a break for the news.....

                        I went on to watch...Dr Jeckyll/Mr Hyde... not bad for scenery..not very scary when Hyde appeared.....very tame really..not convinced at all..did watch it to the end but in drips and drabs....shame..I was looking forward to seeing it.

                        There you have viewing pleasure of yesterday evening......