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Rippercast Episode 60- Current Events and the Conference in Salisbury

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    Mr Menges, I fully understand your position, and my regret is that the image has become a topic on a thread reserved for comments on the show; such a thing wasn't at all intended. Before any interpretation issues, and also before the rights of posting, both the unfortunate development of the thread, for which I take the blame, and your concern, as being the podcast's host, about past and future guests, are of more importance, I do understand this.
    Left to say that I did not intend to insult neither Mr. Marriott or Mrs. Cornwall.


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      Inre: Who Ripperologists are

      Unfortunately no one cares who Ripperologists are and what they think or what they are like until they do. Ripperology is for those who care about the Ripper case. Fortunately the website, the podcast and the books and the magazine are all great tools to get the message out. The podcast is my favorite part and I look forward to hearing more. By the way, I care about the Ripper case and I applaud you all for your efforts in seeking the truth. Don't give up.