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Can I suggest some topics?

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  • Can I suggest some topics?

    As well as the "Primer" episode, which has already been suggested (and that I think is by far the episode I would most like to hear) I was wondering if I could humbly suggest a few more episodes?

    I know there have been pretty exhaustive episodes dedicated to the Ripper on stage, film, book, etc but I wondered if it might be worth looking at a few "Desert island discs" style episode where the pannel put forwards
    *The Five books on the Ripper a hobbyist should read.
    *The Five best Documentaries a hobbyist should track down.
    *The worst "celebrity" suspects.
    *The many fictional characters to have met the Ripper (anno dracular, holmes vs the ripper, etc)
    *The Ripper in computer games from the spectrum to the current crop of hidden object games.
    *Come to think of it Holmes and the Ripper is an episode itself!
    There Will Be Trouble!

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    I'd like to hear one on the worst celebrity suspects. Possibly based on a thread I discovered recently?


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      Those are all great topics, would love to hear them.
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