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Rippercast Episode 52: The Conference in York

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    I just wanted to add my congratulations and thanks to the chorus of positive responses.

    I love the Rippercast and my walks to work have not been the same since I ran out of them to listen to. When I saw a new one was available my heart skipped a beat.

    I was a little apprehensive at first because Jonathan's unintrusive hosting skills are exceptional. But Ally was equally excellent, cajolling when necessary to move the conversation on or to bring speakers in, but allowing them to speak fully.

    It was also a treat for those of us unable to attend the conference, and is a perfect marketing tool for next year.

    I hope more are in the offing, with either Ally or Jonathan in the hot-seat (or even better - co-hosts?!)



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      I thought it was excellent and after waiting 8 months for a new one this really did hit the spot .....I know orginally once a week was the aim but even if monthly or selfishly 2 a month lol would be fantastic .....Can we get Chris Scott on the next one as he comes at the case from some interesting different angles also " Goes on a bit " by his own admission but love hearing him go off on a tangent .......Did miss Howard Browns cigar chomping and drinking noises in this one though whichs adds to the procedings ......

      Well done again to you all and so looking forward to the next one


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        I would like to add my delight in hearing another podcast,it was excellent..well done Ally, and to those that contributed.
        May I offer a suggestion for a future episode ''The mystery's of the case'' which could discuss many aspects of that autumn, which we all endeavour to explain daily on Casebook with an abundance of speculations.
        Regards Richard.


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          I think the world of Chris Scott and his research, and from a personal point of view I would love to do a podcast with him, but I suspect that the pair of us together, both 'going on a bit', would test Ally's new-found editing skills, not to mention her patience, to the limit. I would love to get him back on the podcasts though, but perhaps I shall just sit with my feet up for those editions and enjoy. Sounds good actually!

          As for Richard's suggestion, if you are seriously considering that subject Ally then be sure to give me a heads up, and I will endeavour to bring Jon Rees along with me too - as it happens it might tie up quite nicely with something we are currently working on...


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            Thanks to everyone for your positive comments. Jonathon and I are planning to co-host with each of us scheduling and joining the other as time permits.

            I plan to host and edit ONE show a month currently.

            TENTATIVELY considered for the future (guests and timing permitted)

            1. A Kosminski episode
            2. A "primer" episode that discusses the case in a general overview - victims, suspects, police methodology, etc. We get more requests for a primer show than for any other; one that gives the basic of the case so I've started making plans for that and sketching out an outline. I don't know if this is what you mean Richard??

            Thanks again everyone!

            Let all Oz be agreed;
            I'm Wicked through and through.


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              As a listener I really don't mind what is discussed however I think a 'primer' episode is a great idea and would benefit everyone.

              Also, as we are doing requests, I'd like to hear from Neal Sheldon if possible. That's just a personal thing but I've always found Neals books absolutely fascinating.

              Also an episode tackling the leading books of yesteryear such as Matters, Farson and so on with a view of showing how research/theories and the like have progressed throughout the years.



              Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.



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                Hi Ally.
                Indeed a ''Primer episode'' would be beneficial to all, my suggestion was to include the most debated mysteries of the case.
                For instance.. Cross's mysterious behaviour [ much debated]
                Moans and gasps in Bucks Row.
                What does the events in Berner street suggest?
                The wrong day scenario targeting Hutchinson , and Maxwell.
                The layout of Millers court, the positioning of Gas lamps.
                The burnt clothing..and the police suggestion.
                Was the body in room 13 ..Mary Kelly?
                The witnesses statements .
                The list is endless, but along with the ABC of Suspects, victims , and police methodology , it would fuel some juicy conversation, albeit over several episodes.
                Good luck in your future ventures.
                Regards Richard.


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                  I would wholeheartedly endorse a call to get Neal Sheldon on, that would be superb.

                  As for Monty's other idea, sounds fabulous. I envision it as a review of all the most significant literature and its influence and influences, looking at theories and themes of interpretation coming and going, and what has stuck - a bit like the Royal Conspiracy podcast a while back which went right back to the origins and traced them through, which was probably one of my favourite ever episodes.


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                    I've already spoken with Mrs. Shelden several days ago about the possibility of her husband doing the victim's section of the primer episode, and even walked her through setting up Skype, so hopefully she's working her wiles on him to deliver the goods. If we can get him to agree to that then maybe we can get him on a panel show sometime also.

                    Let all Oz be agreed;
                    I'm Wicked through and through.


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                      Originally posted by tnb View Post

                      As for Richard's suggestion, if you are seriously considering that subject Ally then be sure to give me a heads up, and I will endeavour to bring Jon Rees along with me too - as it happens it might tie up quite nicely with something we are currently working on...
                      By all means - as m'colleague in research and speculation has hinted, we are currently working on this very subject so any related contribution we can make would be provided with pleasure.


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                        Now THAT sounds really interesting...I really do hope some of these ideas come to fruition, and in advance thank Ally for all the efforts she seems prepared to undergo!

                        All the best



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                          you will all give him a swell head, but he is indeed a willing man when it comes to podcasts...
                          “be just and fear not”


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                            Thanks for the latest podcast and congrats to the new host for the excellent chairing of the debate!

                            (one suggestion for next time is please can you not pan the sound either left and right but rather keep it centred like in a mono recording :-) If you are like me and prefer to listen to the shows laying on my bed last thing at night with just one headphone stuck in my ear it meant I missed some of the contributors speech! )

                            A show suggestion from me would be the expert contributors maybe do an episode on cases similar to the Ripper one (e.g. killers who "stopped", killers who changed their modus operandi etc). They are occasionally brought up in the show and it might be worthwhile to hear a discussion in full about what they can teach us about JTR.


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                              I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode, so I hope Jonathan and Ally can continue the good form. If I am able to suggest future episodes, I would propose a Victorian expect to give a over-view of the time and especially how prevalent serious crime was (of the type, Jack, torso etc).




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                                I agree with Jon, I more than enjoyed going back and listening to all the podcasts (late at night of course) and also hope very much that Jonathan and Ally can continue with the amazing guests to present the lively audio discussions for spoiled listeners like myself to enjoy.