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John Morrison on Whipps Cross Hospital Radio 1992

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  • John Morrison on Whipps Cross Hospital Radio 1992

    Another installment from the audio archives:

    John Morrison, the author of 'Jimmy Kelly's Year of Ripper Murders 1888' on Whipps Cross Hospital Radio, 1992.

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    Available to stream or download now from the following link:

    Also in Apple & Google podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and wherever you prefer to grab your FREE Ripperological audio programs.

    Thanks for listening,


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    Thanks. Good to hear the music interlude of Lord Sutch's Hands Of Jack The Ripper. Glad you left it in Jonathan, some people might of edited it out.

    In the early 1980s I worked in a 2nd hand record shop in London's Portobello Road. I had Lord Sutch's Hands Of Jack The Ripper album. Gatefold cover.
    I'd been working there for a few months and one day I took the album to the shop to play. When the shop owner saw the album he mentioned that he knows Sutch.
    Later that day I heard the shop door open and there he was. Lord Sutch in the flesh. I asked the owner later if he'd set it up. He hadn't, but what he didn't mention earlier was that he knew Sutch as he'd popped in the shop a number of times previously.

    I got the album autographed but years later I sold it.
    These are not clues, Fred.
    It is not yarn leading us to the dark heart of this place.
    They are half-glimpsed imaginings, tangle of shadows.
    And you and I floundering at them in the ever vainer hope that we might corral them into meaning when we will not.
    We will not.