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More Rippercast PLEASE !!!

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  • More Rippercast PLEASE !!!

    I have really got back into the JTR case in the last few months really down to the incredible Rippercast Podcasts by Jonathon Menges ...PLEASE when are we goinging to get some more a fasinating subject but agree with more than one poster that some new subjects could be

    1= The Maybrick Diary...

    2=James Kelly ....

    3=Abberline life story

    4=Geographical profiling ....

    5=Joseph Barnett Candidancy

    I must of listened to all of these Podcasts at least 5 times each and especially the George Hutchinson " Will you lend me Sixpence " ...

    Alo love some of the Humour in these and funniest surely was the dog Barking in one and Martin Fido laughing hilariously ......

    PLEASE ...Bring these back soon with Chris Scott , Paul Begg ,Ally Ryder for the Devil Advocate side of things and looking at these crimes from a different side and logic .......Thanks