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    Thread for discussion of 'A Cast of Thousands'

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    Inspired by the work of the late researcher Chris Scott, these mini-episodes will feature research on those mainly living on the periphery of the Whitechapel Murders- individuals whose lives have been examined over the years by Ripper researchers but whose stories mainly reside only on this website, on JtRForums or in the pages of Ripperologist Magazine.
    This project is begun with the hope that the podcast can shine a spotlight on the excellent research conducted by Ripperologists on a wide array of Victorian individuals and bring the work of Ripper researchers to a larger audience.

    I will be recording some episodes myself, but I encourage others to get involved.

    If you would like to put together a biographical sketch of a person or family either "neglected" or on the periphery of the Whitechapel Murders that you find interesting- please do so.
    You can record your own voice, I can facilitate recording you via Skype, or you can send the text to me and I'll get it recorded.
    If it is not your original research, please provide sources that I can put in the show notes.

    PM me here, on JtRForums, or email if you'd like to help out.

    Thank you for listening,

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    Dr. John Morgan Hopkins- presented by Paul Williams

    Shortly after the murder of Mary Jane Kelly, a newspaper article appeared, claiming that Mary Kelly was employed by a couple named John and Mary Rees in Swansea. Further research discovered that the Rees’, along with Mary Rees' father, Dr. John Morgan Hopkins, would all stand trial for murders relating to performing illegal abortions. John Hopkins in 1884 and John and Mary Rees in December 1888, just weeks after the body of Mary Jane Kelly was discovered in Millers Court and the article connecting the Rees' and Kelly had appeared in the press.
    Researcher and author Paul Williams relates the strange story of Hopkins and the Rees'…a family working in the abortion trade, and their supposed connection to Mary Jane Kelly, in this two part episode of A Cast of Thousands.

    Available to stream or download now from the following link:

    Also in Apple & Google Podcast and all of the most popular podcast platforms on earth.



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      Interesting research in to the Hopkins and Mary Jane Hopkins/Rees . Looking forward to part two. Thanks Paul and Jonathan.


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        Hi John

        Thanks for doing this and looking forward to this series.

        Debra's Elizabeth Prater piece in Ripperologist 148 I found interesting and useful relating to my own research into my candidate (so thanks Debra).

        A podcast on E.P. would get my vote.

        Appreciate your thoughts on this.




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          Mary Jane Rees- presented by Paul Williams

          Paul Williams, researcher and the author of the book ’Jack the Ripper Suspects: The Definitive Guide and Encyclopedia' brings us the second part of his examination of the claim that Mary Kelly was employed by John and Mary Rees in Swansea. The first part dealt with Dr. John Morgan Hopkins, and now part two will focus on Mary Jane Rees and any possible connections the Rees and Morgan families might have had with the Mary Jane Kelly murdered in Millers Court.

          For further reading go to Ripperologist Magazine #160 and the article entitled 'The Welshman Who Knew Mary Kelly'

          Paul Williams is the author of 'Jack the Ripper Suspects: The Definitive Guide and Encyclopedia'

          Available to stream or download now from the following link:

          Thanks again to Paul Williams for contributing to this series. It's very much appreciated.

          If you would like to contribute, just drop me a line.

          Thanks for listening,