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Ep. #36- Re-Investigating the Ripper: With Trevor Marriott

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  • Ep. #36- Re-Investigating the Ripper: With Trevor Marriott

    Discussion thread for Episode #36 of Rippercast

    Re-Investigating The Ripper: A Conversation with Trevor Marriott

    available now in the Casebook's Ripper Podcast section.

    Featuring the voices of Trevor Marriott, Robert McLaughlin, Ally Ryder, Gareth Williams, Ben Holme and Jonathan Menges.

    Thanks to Trevor for participating in this weeks episode!

    And thanks to all who listen.

    Happy Holidays from the Crew of Rippercast!


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    Seasons Greetings JM,

    Are the Rippercasts no longer going to be appearing on itunes?

    The related pages accompanying each rippercast on Casebooks Ripper Podcast section is a great feature.

    Happy Holidays to all,

    Take the chance, while you've still got the choice.


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      Hi Will,

      You can still subscribe to Rippercast through iTunes, but the iTunes page has been having problems since the feed transfered over to casebook. It has not been updating episodes. If you have already subscribed before the switch, you should still be getting the show in your podcast stream in iTunes. All you need to do is refresh your podcast library. I may have to end up pulling and resubmitting the podcast to iTunes unless they fix the problem.

      So yes, the show will still be in iTunes, its that their Music Store is having issues updating the episodes.




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        Let me clarify the above...

        You can subscribe to the podcast (if you have not already) and have the shows directly received by your iTunes app (or any podcast grabber, like Juice, for instance) by hitting the purple subscribe button on the Casebook's podcast page. All the episodes will then be shown in your iTunes podcast library. But you cannot subscribe via the Music Store anymore. It's the link from the iTunes Music Store to the Casebook that seems to be broken. I'll get on fixing that soon.



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          These threads are for the discussion of topics brought up on the podcast, and in the case of Will's post above, technical issues that might arise (I'll let that slide anyway due to the recent feed transfer).

          Any off-topic posts, especially those that mock or abuse our participants, will be reported to Admin for removal.




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            Great show everyone, having read numerous additions of Mr. Marriotts books, it was great to finally hear his voice. Everyone was fantastic and Ally was great!!
            Regards Mike


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              Let all Oz be agreed;
              I'm Wicked through and through.


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                top work Ally and Gareth, every time Trevor said something that wrankled me,you spoke out with the exact challenges I had in my head if reading my mind...spooky!?

                and all the way....on the organs..Tom Tom..
                a reason to target specific organs..the kidney in particular, buried in renal fat:Tom Tom
                anatomical knowledge:Tom Tom
                controversial level of expertise/not entirely professional:Tom Tom
                speed, alacrity:Tom Tom
                work in the dark:Tom Tom

                of course Victorians had access to same anatomy we do today, human ANATOMY hasn't been modified in the last century..just the application of medicine regarding it.. and as Gareth said speed was paramount in an age without sophisticated anasthetics..skill at speed was undoubtedly more common in LVP than today..because it HAD to be..and surgeons would have had to use it more often..not that JTR was a doctor anyway, as I have already made obvious!

                very polite everyone one was too! well done all especially you ,Trevor,I don't think much of what you say holds much ship-water and I admit I rather agree with AP that you are rather 'up a fig tree with no ladder down'! but you put up a good fight with your researches and own raft of 'experts'! I have no axe to grind just some positions arrived at from my own reading and vies that do not sit with your own..but fair play to you nonetheless for representing your theory.



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                  Hi, WK - I echo your comments (and Ally's on the podcast) about Trevor's contribution. A gentleman, raconteur and all-round good egg, it was a real pleasure to hear what he had to say.
                  Kind regards, Sam Flynn

                  "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)


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                    Nice to hear your voice, Sam, just as I imagined it.
                    Poor old Trev though, he doesn't look good after his first broadcast for less than two grand... bless him.
                    I recommend a good dose of Horlicks and then bed for about twenty thousand years.
                    Who is this 'Faganbum' anyway?
                    He should have employed a researcher who knew how to mount a fig tree.
                    Nicht wahr, Sam?
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                      I remember Trevor speaking at the Whitechapel Society.He was a very interesting speaker and like Sam says,he dealt good humouredly with those who disagreed with his theory----- and I remember well that there was some quite hostile and heated criticism due to his "disturbance of the canon".


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                        I must admit Norma, I do admire Trevors ability to stoke the fires with a glint in his eye.

                        I also admire the waythat he looks at things from a different angle even though I cannot agree with all of his outcomes.

                        However, dont tell him this. Just our lil secret eh?



                        Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.



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                          Originally posted by Natalie Severn View Post
                          I remember Trevor speaking at the Whitechapel Society.He was a very interesting speaker and like Sam says,he dealt good humouredly with those who disagreed with his theory----- and I remember well that there was some quite hostile and heated criticism due to his "disturbance of the canon".
                          Yes, I agree with Norma on this one. He appeared to deal with the criticisms with a good heart and gave honest answers - I always felt he handled the tricky questions fully.

                          His presentation on the removal of a kidney was very thought-provoking (and not a little yukky!)


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                            Glad everyone enjoyed the show.

                            It was an interesting discussion, and as I mentioned at the time (at least I hope/think I did!), I admire Trevor's proactive approach and willingness to conduct experiments to bolster his case, even though I couldn't agree with his conclusion.

                            Good times.


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                              As always the show was greatly entertaining and informative, and I got a little more detail on Trevor's thoughts on the case than I had previously. Like others here, I remain unconvinced by some of his ideas (such as the apron as sanitary pad - I knew this was going to be fun with Ally involved!) but others at least stirred my curiosity. I'm certainly intrigued by the organ theft concept - though again unconvinced - and impressed by the effort made to measure mutilation times and cloth smearing, even if perhaps there was a bias to begin. Anyhoo, Mr Marriot's book has moved a few notches up the endless list of Ripper books I must get around to buying

                              One point - I note Trevor at one point estimated 40 minutes to remove a uterus and kidney, according to his team. I know there's some editing there to consider, but I've seen Gunther Von Hagens take an entire human body apart on a one hour TV show (in several different ways) - does 40 minutes to extract two organs, even with the utmost surgical care, seem waaaaaaay off?

                              I'm rather interested in the powerpoint presentation Trevor spoke about and was wondering, since he said it was too large to email, whether it would be possible if there could be some arrangement between Trevor and Casebook to have a copy hosted here for download?

                              And who's putting their hand up for Ally's suggested experiment of five minutes with a corpse and a knife to see what you can find?

                              Wellington, New Zealand