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  • Major Podcast Announcement

    Hi all,

    Due to the fact that, for many months now, Rippercast's server has been tested to its limits (3,600 podcast downloads last month), I have to change servers.

    Graciously, has offered the podcast the use of its server.

    Starting in December, the podcast will be hosted by

    You'll be able to view the new podcast page very soon. It will have its own section that should be visible on the sidebar, but I'll provide the link here.

    iTunes subscribers will be redirected to the Casebook server for new and past episodes.

    This will benefit the podcast in many ways:

    1- The podcast will be easier to locate on the World Wide Web, thereby reaching a larger audience than we have now.

    2- The subject matter of the podcasts will now be turning up in relevant Casebook search results. We'll be getting up a more detailed description of the episode's content over time.

    3- There will be a related links section to material on the Casebook that was mentioned in the podcasts.

    4- You will be able to better stream the episodes from your computer than what was allowed on my website, and have the option to 'right-click' to download the podcast episode of your choice without subscribing via iTunes.

    The iTunes feed should remain stable (knock on wood) and the rss feed switch will not take place until after this Sunday's show is online at

    This Sunday's podcast (on witness/suspect George Hutchinson) will be the last available at Any visits to that site after Wednesday will hopefully be redirected to the Casebook podcast section.

    Our next following episode, 7 December (with guest Andy Spallek) will be the maiden voyage of the show on the Casebook server and website.

    Thanks to Stephen Ryder for taking on the podcast in its moment of need, and possibly making the show better than I ever expected it could be, by fully integrating it into the Casebook's website.

    Stay Tuned,


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    Hi Jonathon

    Just a quick note to congratulate you on your new partnership. Sounds like a good one. And I for one will look forward to the end results.



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      Well, it makes a lot of sense, really, doesn't it? Bringing two excellent resources together and effectively making Casebook even more comprehensive. Nice one, guys.

      Wellington, New Zealand


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        Does this mean that poor Chris Scott has to transcribe the entire content of every podcast?


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          No, a couple of us are going to go through them and write up 4-5 paragraphs on the topics we hit, and include time stamps on certain things so the listener can go directly to their information. This is the info that will come up in search results.

          Short of hiring a court reporter (or Chris Scott) this is as close to a transcription as we will get.

          Thanks for the above support, btw.



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            I just listened to the beginning of a few episodes and the fact that its far easier to access a podcast than on iTunes,in terms of speed,one's computer savvy and above all, worldwide exposure,make this the ONLY logical step for the future of Rippercast. Its hard to imagine that I would be even more excited and happy for the evolution of the program now than I was back in late December of 2007 when JM approached me with his enthusiastic vision of the program...but I am.

            Smart move as always, JM


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              Great news indeed, and a fantastic way forward.

              Regards Mike


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                Hi all,

                As you can see, the new podcast section is up. Look to the left menu bar. Hope everyone likes it.

                I've redirected the old sites pages over here, and have redirected the feed url. If that goes well, fingers crossed, everything should be up and running normally in a few days.

                Thanks again to Stephen!