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The 2018 East End Conference

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  • The 2018 East End Conference

    Release and Discussion thread for the talks from the 2018 East End Conference.

    We are pleased to bring you all of the guest speaker talks from the 2018 East End Conference held at the Astronomer Pub on Middlesex Street in the heart of the East End of London on the 3rd and 4th of November, 2018.

    Louis Berk: ‘Echoes of the East End Jewish Community’
    Emelyne Godfrey: ‘Against the Shadows: Victorian Crime Waves and the Craze of Self-Defence’
    Tracy I’anson: ‘Jacob the Ripper'
    Philip Hutchinson: 'Whitechapel Wanderlust'
    Adam Wood: 'Swanson and the Four Rippers'
    Drew Gray: 'Fake News from Whitechapel? Ripperology and the Academe'

    Links to the slide shows that accompanied these talks will be posted in the show notes as they become available.

    This years East End Conference raffle was in aid of MacMillians Cancer Support Charity in honor and memory of Kate Amin and Suzi Hanney, two loved members of our community who we’ve recently lost.
    I’ll be including the link to the MacMillians Cancer Support Charity donation page in the show notes that will accompany each and every download of all the East End Conference talks we release in the upcoming days.
    If any of our listeners made a contribution, that would be wonderful.
    Thanks again to the organizers of the EEC for partnering with Rippercast and making these talks freely available to the public.

    Thank you to Mark Ripper, Adam Wood, Andrew Firth and Keeley Wilson for making the release of these talks possible.

    Stay Tuned


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