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Jack from Hell BBC WS 1988 docu. link

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  • Jack from Hell BBC WS 1988 docu. link

    Brian Sibley has an account with Soundcloud and has posted some of his BBC work there.

    For the centenary he presented a documentary on the BBC World Service. He has uploaded it to his Soundcloud from where it can be streamed.

    Radio documentary feature, written and presented by BRIAN SIBLEY, about the crimes of 'Jack the Ripper', first broadcast on the BBC Wold Service in 1988. Contributors: Martin Fido, Melvin Harris, Helena Kennedy QC, Jeffrey Richards, Donald Rumbellow and Bill Waddell. Produced by Adrian Washbourne.
    I use the Firefox web browser. You can get an add-on titled Video Download Helper (VDH) for Firefox. It captures audio as well as video. I mention this as you might want a local copy of the documentary. I was able to capture a mp3 of the documentary with VDH.
    These are not clues, Fred.
    It is not yarn leading us to the dark heart of this place.
    They are half-glimpsed imaginings, tangle of shadows.
    And you and I floundering at them in the ever vainer hope that we might corral them into meaning when we will not.
    We will not.