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I asked an AI to make suspect sketches from eyewitness testimony

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  • I asked an AI to make suspect sketches from eyewitness testimony allows you to enter a description of a person, and then it draws a portrait based on your description. You can say things like "an olive-skinned man with small eyes" or "steampunk Donald Trump" or "Nicolas Cage, as drawn by Hieronymous Bosch" and it will put something together.

    I decided to feed this AI the eyewitness descriptions I find most credible: sailor man and blotchy.

    Please note that the AI does not draw hats, which is a major flaw. It also insists that Jack had brown hair: I entered both "carroty mustache" and "red mustache" and both times it drew me a man with brown hair.
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    Oh, that looks fun.

    Out of curiosity, and because Druitt popped into my head (as the photo of him makes him look on the lean side), I tried "thin male age 30 pale skin small moustache" to see what it produced, and got this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Thin_JtR.jpg
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    I know that's not an actual eye-witness description, but I tried to choose a wording similar in detail to what we do have, but someone whom we have photos as a sort of baseline comparison test.

    - Jeff


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      Thanks for the link. Interesting idea.

      I went route 1 and typed in "Jack the Ripper" and the generator come up with:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	rippercropped.png Views:	0 Size:	31.6 KB ID:	768771

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