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Cadosch: Dismissed For Being Cautious?

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    Originally posted by The Rookie Detective View Post

    And as you can see, I still can’t grasp the Quote and Paste on this site, apologies for my ineptness there, no intention on my behalf at plagiarism.
    {whistle} 10 yard penalty. Offsides. The Rookie Detective. For putting a kibosh on Cadosch with a self aware comment.
    there,s nothing new, only the unexplored


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      • Originally posted by harry View Post
        'In some cases a party may retain a person who is a specialist in a subject for the purpose of providing his/her expert opinion on an aspect of the case.Such people may become an expert witness if they are qualified in their area of expertise,training and specialised knowledge.'
        The above is not my personnel opininion by the way,but take it as written by someone who knows,and it refers to the requirements at a court appearance.
        So,attending as the police surgeon,in itself did not qualify Phillips,and I have seen no information that he submitted any such requirements to the Coroner or to the inquest,as to his expertise on the aspect of time of death.Of course,as the only medical person present his opinion had to be accepted,but it cannot be classed as expert in relation to time of death.Then again,perhaps I am off course and someone,expoliceman or journalist ,may surprise and produce such information that qualifies Phillips.Should be easy,as Fisherman has stated Phillips would have attended many such deaths.
        Expert witness:
        a person who is a specialist in a subject, often technical, who may present his/her expert opinion provided that the expert is qualified by evidence of his/her expertise, training and special knowledge.

        MBBS = Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery. The coroner allowed Bagster Phillips to give evidence of opinion. Evidence of opinion is allowed only from someone deemed to be an expert in the relevant field. You may hold the opinion that Bagster Phillips should not have been allowed to give evidence as an expert and you may find his evidence hard to accept or just plain wrong. It matters not; the coroner took the view that Bagster Phillips be allowed to give evidence of opinion. Therefore he was an expert witness. That is a matter of fact.
        I won't always agree but I'll try not to be disagreeable.


        • Originally posted by NotBlamedForNothing View Post

          I'll build you a bedside table if you say 5'6"

          Wrong century. Wrong fence.

          That blindingly obvious fact was nulled by Cadosch - he was thinking about work - otherwise he would have been curious.

          Would Chandler have said that? He didn't even notice the basement padlock was obscured by the building, when standing on the house steps.

          How tall was Richardson? He could see over it, no problem.
          Have you locked yourself in to supposing he was much taller than average, without evidence?

          Your simplistic faith in witnesses is not winning the argument, and the point TM made about the lone daytime murder, was a pertinent one.
          It might be time to take a metaphorical journey into that basement...
          The East London Observer,
          John Richardson, a tall, stout man, with a very pale face - the result, doubtless, of the early hours he keeps as a market Porter - a brown moustache, and dark brown hair. He was shabbily dressed in a ragged coat, and dark brown trousers.