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  • Originally posted by Mr.Boodles View Post
    I just stumbled upon this thread and I noticed it stops in 2016. I find the implications intriguing, certainly in regards to Mrs. Maxwell. Anybody know anything more about this?
    As Richard Nunweek, who started this thread, pointed out in his first post: "It should be mentioned that by the 2nd November, Dorset street had been mentioned in the press, as Chapman had resided there, and Kate rumoured to have lived in the shed".

    Indeed, Dorset Street was quite (in)famous before the Ripper murders, and I shouldn't be surprised if it was mentioned reasonably frequently in the press as a street renowned for dossers and criminals, outside of the reports of the murders of Annie Chapman and Catherine Eddowes. If a hoaxer wanted to pick a Spitalfields street likely to harbour a murderer, then Dorset Street would have been an obvious choice. No genuine murderer is very likely to give away their real address, so one must assume that a hoaxer simply plucked the number 14 out of thin air - 14's as good a number as any - and the fact that this was where Caroline Maxwell lived could easily be coincidental.

    Incidentally, it seems that the letter in question was sent even earlier than 2nd November, as I've found reference to it in the Eastern Daily Press of 31st October.
    Kind regards, Sam Flynn

    "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)


    • Hi Sam.
      Yes indeed Dorset Street was known as a rough area, also Flower and Dean street , and Thrawl Street , and many more locations in that area.
      It is a coincidence indeed that Number 14 Dorset Street was opposite Millers court. the location of the next murder,
      It is a coincidence indeed, that Mrs Maxwell resided there, who claimed to have seen a dead woman alive.?
      As you say no killer in his right mind would inform the police where he was staying, but ''It was sent to a different police force,'' and Millers court was not mentioned as the intended murder scene.
      Indeed it is entirely possible that the area was under supervision , but surely only at night [ when the Ripper always struck.
      If Mrs Maxwell did see Kelly on the morning of the 9th,and she was accosted by her killer in daylight hours. then any surveillance would have been lifted
      I believe we should not dismiss this letter as a 'Red Herring' it may be very important to the case.
      Regards Richard.