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Mog Cheeks alias Ripsher - some details

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  • Mog Cheeks alias Ripsher - some details

    18 July 1889
    The inquest on Alice Mackenzie:
    Margaret Cheeks (known as "Mog" or "Moggy") deposed:
    "I generally live at 52, Gun-street. I am married, and my husband's name is Charles Cheeks, when he is with me. He is a bricklayer and has not been living with me for three years. I knew the deceased from living in the same house. I saw her on Tuesday morning getting her husband's breakfast. I have not seen her since."

    Her name was actually Margaret Cheek, her maiden name being Margaret Ripsher.
    Her marriage certificate gives the following details:
    May 14, 1866
    Marriage solemnized at the Church of St James the Great, Bethnal Green
    Name: Charles Cheek
    Age: Full
    Condition: Bachelor
    Profession: Bricklayer
    Residence: Bethnal Green
    Father's name: George Cheek (Deceased)
    Name: Margaret Ripsher
    Age: Full
    Condition: Spinster
    Residence: Bethnal Green
    Father's name: George Ripsher (Deceased)

    Her parents were George and Elizabeth Ripsher, her father being a cigar maker.
    The record of her baptism gives the following details:
    St Matthias, Bethnal Green
    Date baptised: 15 December 1850
    Date of birth: 26 October 1848
    Christian name: Margaret
    Parents names: George and Elizabeth Ripsher
    Abode: Turk Street
    Trade of father: Cigar maker

    The family is listed under a variant spelling of their surname in 1851:
    9 Charles Street, Shoreditch
    Head: George Ripshaw aged 22 born St Lukes - Cigar maker
    Wife: Elizabeth Ripshaw aged 27 born Spitalfields
    George aged 4 months born Bethnal Green
    Margaret aged 2 born Mile End

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    Here are two of the source documents:
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      In the 1881 census there is a strange "double entry" where the couple, Charles and Margaret Cheek, are listed twice at the same address.
      In the first instance the husband's initial is wrong, given as M, but his trade is right. In the second instance the initial is right, but no trade is given. In both cases the wife's details are the same.

      This is strangely reminsicent of the double entry of John McCarthy in the 1891 census.

      1881 census:
      10 West Street, Bethnal Green
      Head: M (sic) Cheek aged 34 born Bethal Green - Bricklayer
      Wife: Margaret Cheek aged 32 born Bethnal Green
      and at same address:
      Head: C Cheeks aged 34 born Bethnal Green - no trade given
      Wife: Margaret Cheeks aged 32 born Bethnal Green
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        Originally posted by Chris Scott View Post
        In the 1881 census there is a strange "double entry"........This is strangely reminsicent of the double entry of John McCarthy in the 1891 census.
        Hello Chris,

        An excellent piece of research once again. Well done and thank you for posting this.

        One question, related, is reference to the "double entry" submissions in the census.

        Have you ever found or been given an explanation from the keepers of the various census books and records to these rather odd occurances?

        best wishes

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        Accountability? ....


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          Hi Phil
          Thanks for the message
          No, I have never seen any explanation for this type of "double entry" nor do I have any idea how common it is
          As I said, the better known one is the case of the two John McCarthys at 27 Dorset Street in 1891. Although they are both listed as the same age, the two entries give different places of birth and different spouses.
          My own feeling - and it is only a guess - is that maybe the householder's sheet which was passed to the enumerator was so messed up and unclear that the enumerator included all entries rather than risk omitting someone.
          But, as I say, only a guess.