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How could it be Sadler?

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  • How could it be Sadler?

    I've seen that despite the evidence that Sadler was busy getting wasted and having the proverbial kicked out of him on the night of Coles' murder, there are still people who believe he was her killer. Can you explain your reasoning for this, please?

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    Come on, pro-Sadlerists. Don't be shy.


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      Hi Harry

      I edge towards Sadler`s innocence for the reasons you mention. Also, when Sadler took on two dockers in a fight he never pulled out a knife, and when he was searched by a policeman later that morning no knife was found on his person.

      However, why did Coles pass through Swallow Gardens ?
      Swallow Gardens was a long way for Coles to travel at that time.
      Was it just a coincidence that Sadler was also very close to Swallow Gardens at the same time.

      Did Sadler and Coles arrange to meet when they last spoke in the White`s Row lodging house ?

      Or did Coles remember that Sadler still had a pay cheque to cash and decided to find him again down the docks ?
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