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The Cheesecutter Man Vs James Thomas Sadler

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  • The Cheesecutter Man Vs James Thomas Sadler

    Many people consider the most likely person to be Frances Coles killer is James Thomas Sadler. However, there is one witness who contradicts this: Ellen Callagher. Not only does this place Coles in the company of another man after Sadler, but also just 20 minutes before her death. The Cheesecutter Man displays violence towards Callagher, after she rejects his accosting, he punches her in the face and tears her jacket. Despite warning Coles against going with the Cheesecutter Man she leaves with him.

    Surely this is enough to exonerate Sadler and instead implicate the violent Cheesecutter Man as the most likely killer of Coles.

    Another thing I would like to note is whilst I'm undecided if Coles was a Ripper victim, one of the common arguments against her being one is her age being too young. However, despite walking together down Commercial Street, the Cheesecutter Man deliberately accosts Callagher first, who is 52, matching the typical age range of the C5 except Kelly. It is only after she rejects him and his violent outburst that he switches to Coles instead.

    I was wondering what other people think about Cheesecutter Man being the most likely candidate for Coles killer or if the chances of it being Sadler are still greater. Also for anyone wondering, a cheesecutter is a type of flat cap made to last a long time.

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    Two other things maybe worth pondering. 1. The Cheesecutter Man is described as wearing blue trousers, the only other suspect connected to the case wearing blue trousers is the man in the Carrie Brown murder, only a month later. Most likely coincidence though. 2. During the winter months, MET police officers wore blue trousers, wearing white trousers during the summer, could Cheesecutter Man be an off duty officer?


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      Personally I do not understand how Sadler can be a suspect, when he was examined by police officers some ten minutes before the murder and was considered to be in a sorry state.


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        Police-constable Edwards, interacted with Sadler, parted from him at 2:02-3 am. From there it was a 3 min walk to the scene of the murder.
        A coffee shop guys saw/heard him headed to the Minories.So where did he go? It's unaccounted, so there was a possinilty he went to Swallow Gardens.

        Next at 3:00 am he is in Whites Row with a cut on the right cheek and under the left eyeb
        He was very drunk/broke.Even at 7:30 am Sadler "appeared to be drunk"-Stephen Longhurst, manager,coffee tavern.
        The first doctor who saw Coles,Frederick John Oxley,said "did not think a drunken man would have been capable of inflicting the wounds"

        The guy with Coles/Callahan, why did they have to go to Swallow Gardens for a knee-trembler,there were other places before.
        Through Leman to swallow gardens .4 miles, through Minories to swallow gardens .7 miles.It's possible Coles parted with the guy.
        Sadler said after the case that maybe Coles was going to Swallow Gardens to the docks to see him.It's possible coles met
        another man in the minories or near swallow gardens.
        Clearly the first human laws (way older and already established) spawned organized religion's morality - from which it's writers only copied/stole,ex. you cannot kill,rob,steal (forced,it started civil society).
        M. Pacana