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William Friday - a sketch made on the spot

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    many thanks for the comments Dan
    Much appreciated


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      Kate McCarthy and Thomas Fowles

      I've been reviewing my notes on Carroty Nell's tragic death, after rediscoverying them after a spot of spring cleaning. And in following up to see if anything's new I find this claim that the couple seen by Friday are now believed to be Kate McCarthy and Thomas Fowles, yet I can find no evidence or the reasoning for this. So whats the story?


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        Hi Stephen

        Kate Fowles knew Jumbo Fryday by sight and confirmed that she had seen him whilst she was standing with Fowles.

        However, there was another couple seen briefly by Fryday, who were standing a little closer to the arch.


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          Hmmmmm I see. And the first couple is thought to be that in the sketch he drew?


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            Is Friday's full testimony on here somewhere?


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              Its just puzzling that he seems to have identified Coles hat on the woman, even though its supposedly 1:45 and she is still in Commercial St around 10 to 20 minutes walk away (depending what end of Commercial St she's in). Assuming all these times are accurate of course...

              The man she's with doesn't seem to match the descriptions of 'Mr Cheesecutter' or Sadler though and one of them must have done her in I think. Little time for a third person to get in on the act I would have thought and if she was heading to the arch to do business with Cheesecutter she wouldnt arrive till around 2am. Her 2 shillings indicate she certainly did business between 1:45 and 2:15.

              But why didn't either of them take the money, considering it was Cheesecutter's presumably and Sadler was skint. Left till too late and PC turned up?

              Seems frustratingly near to solving but too many final elements missing. I think we can only say it wasn't the Ripper, though that doesnt invalidate its importance.