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  • Stranger in the night?

    Hello everybody,
    I need some help about Annie Millwood.
    I've read several times that she was attacked "by a foreigner", even "in her own words", as casebook/victims says, but I can't find the document to ascertain this. Was it in a newspaper? Which one?
    Begg and Sugden do not mention the "foreigner", for instance. Sugden writes one time "a stranger", but this certainly means "a man who she did not know", as quoted from the Eastern Post.
    I would thankfully enjoy your help,
    David (aka Fu Manchu)

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    Don't know about a foreigner, David. Here is the entry from the Whitechapel Infirmary Register:

    Annie Millwood, 38, 8 Whites Row, Widow of Richard, Soldier, Stabs, 21/03/1888, To Workhouse

    In Scotland Yard Investigates on page 224, reproduced photographically is the list retained by Chief Insp Swanson of the Whitechapel Murders (courtesy of the late Jim Swanson). Written in long hand on a ledger, it contains nine murders , Smith thorugh Coles, and one alledged murder, Rose Mylett, Dec 20, 88, High St Poplar. One alledged attempted murder is listed, Annie Farmer at 19 George St on Nov 21, 88.

    Margaret Hames, Annie Millwood and Ada Wilson are not on the list. Nor is the Torso case.

    Sink the Bismark


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      Hello Roy, and thanks for answering.
      I think that "attacked by a foreigner" "in her own words" comes from the casebook (victims-non canonnical) so monsieur Ryder could be of some help here...
      My interest was the discrepancy between "foreigner" (as it meant at the time) and the "fair" haired young man described by Rose Bierman in Ada Wilson's case.
      If it appeared that Annie Millwood had been attcked home by somebody she did not described as a foreigner, both attacks would be quite similar in some recpects.
      Does anybody know where Annie has been assaulted? Indoors or in the streets?

      Broken-English poster.


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        Hi DVV,

        I've never seen any description of Annie Millwood's attacker beyond the detail that the man was a stranger to her. Can you tell me where you found the "foreigner" reference?



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          Hi Ben,
          that the man was "a foreigner in her own words" comes from here: casebook, victims.
          It may be a mistake (indeed, I hope it is!). Cause if she never described the man as a foreigner, then we have more ground to link the two cases of Millwood and Wilson (Bierman told of a "fair" young man, which would be in contradiction with a "foreigner-looking man", as these words certainly meant at the time).
          Another discrepancy is the time of the attack (Annie was brought to the infirmary at 5.OO pm).
          And I'd like to know whether she was stabbed in the street or indoors...

          ps: many thanks to Roy for the help.


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            Hi Ben,
            Casebook says "stranger in her own words", not "foreigner".
            So sorry if I made mistake. Still, "stranger in her own words" is ambiguous, no?
            In Ada's case, it is said "somebody she doesn't know and attacked her with a clasp-knife" which is more clear.
            David (once more, my English, maybe...)