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  • The Baron
    If Mckenzie was killed 3 years after Kelly, I will still consider her a ripper victim.

    The Baron

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  • The Rookie Detective
    started a topic Open Mind

    Open Mind

    If Alice McKenzie would have been murdered BEFORE Kelly, then would she be taken more seriously as a ripper victim?

    If for example Stride had been murdered after Kelly, then she wouldn't have even been considered at all as a possible JTR victim.

    I feel that one of the key reasons why Alice McKenzie isn't considered as a ripper victim by the vast majority is because it would rule out at least 6 main suspects who were deceased or incarcerated by the time McKenzie was killed.

    I would say to those who don't consider her a JTR victim...if she was killed BEFORE Kelly, would you consider her another victim of JTR?

    It seems to me that anyone who was slain AFTER Kelly is classed as being killed by a copycat or having no connection to JTR.

    However, by opening up your mind to the possibility that Kelly wasn't the last victim, then t may strengthen the case against the ripper.

    I've always felt that the murders AFTER Kelly are where we will find that hidden nugget of data that could help bring new light to the case.

    I know that by considering Kelly as not being the last victim, it is inconvenient for those who favour those suspects who were dead by the time McKenzie was killed, but I think she's just a victim of bad timing and because the Kelly murder stole the limelight so to speak, anyone killed after Kelly never stood a chance of being taken seriously as an authentic victim of JTR.

    thought please kind people?