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Was Mackenzie a copycat?

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  • 1888

    Hello David. Thanks.

    "[S]eriously, your "On what charge?" wasn't a serious question."

    Ah, but it WAS a serious question.

    "If it was enough to frighten Schwartz. . ."

    Where does Israel say it frightened him? Pipe man, maybe.

    ". . . it was enough to summon a constable."

    Again, on what charge? Lamb had seen rows and squabbles enough. Routine.

    "Especially in Sept 88."

    Especially NOT.

    1. Why had no one flinched at the cry of "Murder" in Martha's case?

    2. What about "MJK"--the same?



    • pipe/knife

      Hello Colin. Thanks.

      "I suspect this is a tongue-in-cheek post but what the heck."

      Not at all.

      "The assault itself and the production of a knife by pipeman were certainly more than enough to constitute a Breach of the Peace."

      What knife? I agree that "The Star" had "knife" not "pipe."

      Am I accusing "The Star" of making something up? Certainly not. Never happened. What then? A natural mistake. Evidence?

      Well, what did the police report say? He was lighting his pipe.

      So, one says pipe, one says knife.

      1. How does one light a pipe? One tamps the tobacco in and employs a match.

      2. How does one light a knife?



      • Originally posted by Observer View Post
        Forget Schwartz....


        I just captured the best part of the post above Observer...too much time spent on a tale that has zero corroboration by any witness involved in the Berner Street investigation.



        • Originally posted by Mr Lucky View Post

          Dr Llewellyn on the knife used on Nichols -

          'The weapon used would scarcely have been a sailor's jack knife, but a pointed weapon with a stout back--such as a cork-cutter's or shoemaker's knife.'

          note - A shoemaker works with leather
          How very interesting that the young man who was drafted by police to stand by the body of Alice McKenzie,Isaac Lewis Jacobs, gave his occupation as bootmaker at the inquest.



          • Originally posted by GregBaron View Post

            In addition to Stride, I could see Coles or Mackenzie as being interrupted. It's not easy to have the privacy to rip-em-to-bits in a very crowded East end with coppers afoot.

            Actually, it seems only the coppers were afoot in Castle Alley. The policeman interviewed for the inquest all said no one really used the Alley, which was parked full of vans, wagons and barrows, and that not all of them were checked to see if someone was sleeping in them. One of the coppers had even had his private picnic at the same lamppost where Alice was killed.

            Castle Alley was apparently quiet and eerily reminiscent of the murder of Polly Nichols. No one about, the police saw and heard nothing, a freshly killed woman and still he got away.