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Was her attacker Cutbush?

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  • Was her attacker Cutbush?

    Does anyone else think the description of Ada Wilson's attacker (sporting a moustache and sun-burnt face, aged around 30) sounds a little like Thomas Cutbush? It's the pretty specific detail of a 'sun-burnt' face which stands out, and it does appear that Cutbush could be described of having a similar appearance. I might be wrong, but it certainly made me think.
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    Cutbush, a not to dismiss suspect

    Well I've always felt Cutbush was a better suspect than most think so...if A.P. Wolf's description of the mini-coverup surrounding Cutbush is right, he becomes a strong suspect. And if we can link him to some eye witness accounts (of course not all witnesses actually saw the Ripper) it solidifies his case.


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      Yes, I certainly believe that the description does match that of Thomas Cutbush; and interestingly enough there was a very similar case a few years before - the woman was murdered - where again the description matches Cutbush with the 'sun burnt' face.
      It does appear that Thomas was addicted to cures of quicksilver for his imagined syphillis and this would have given him the appearance of having a sun tan.
      Quicksilver or mercury was widely used to control syphillis in the LVP, but was very expensive so hence there was a black market in the supply of the deadly stuff, and that was centred around Mitre Square where a warehouse manufactured the potions; and the workers stole it and sold it on to the prostitutes and their clients for a knock down price.
      Interesting then that Eddowes was described as being 'sun burnt' and then got 'er good self murdered in Mitre Square, innit?
      And there was no sun in Kent for the hop pickers that year, for the crop failed for a lack of it.


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        Slighty off topic, but bear with me... If Cutbush is/was our "Sun-burnt" man from the Wilson attack, then is he also potentially the very same "Blotchy man" from the MJK murder? Thoughts?


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          I doubt Cutbush was "blotchy face" actually.Blotchy face was shabby and stout with a "carroty moustache" , whereas Cutbush was 23 and said to have been slightly built and 5ft 8 or 9.


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            I think its quite clear that Mr Cutbush was certainly a stabber, its well within the realm of the possible.

            I know many dont, but I see stabbing and slicing or cutting as very different acts.....they may be combined at times, but often are coming from different demons. IMHO.

            Best regards all.


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              I agree Michael.

              There is a difference in the piquerism for example than stabbing.
              I believe the tearing and ripping and slicing is very different to the penetrating nature of stabbing. Not that one person would not do both but I feel that the drive behind the 2 natures are different.
              In order to know virtue, we must first aquaint ourselves with vice!


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                And another thing

                You can find info on Jack and Piquerism here.
                The Jack the Ripper Murders: A Modus Operandi and Signature Analysis of the 1888-1891 Whitechapel Murders" - Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling 2: 1-21 (2005) - Robert D. Keppel, Joseph G. Weis, Katherine M. Brown and Kristen Welch
                In order to know virtue, we must first aquaint ourselves with vice!


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                  While I don't think Thomas was the Ripper, or even a killer, if he was linked to any one of the Whitechapel attacks that year then it's possible it could've been Ada's (or Stride's if you wanna go down the fantastical route). Though I'm not overly convinced.

                  He's still one of the more interesting 'suspects' though.